WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting can be very challenging even for the most experienced computer technician. Installing WordPress is tricky because you need to know web hosting and have enough experience as a WordPress developer. Hosting WordPress is different than a hosted WordPress website. A very common issue when you use a hosted WordPress service such as that found on WP Engine is moving it to a dedicated server. Most times this ends up being a complete website rebuild. We always recommend starting on a shared hosted server with a dedicated WordPress installation. When WordPress is using its own database it is very easy to backup and restore should disaster strike. Even easier when if it ever needs to be moved to a dedicated server.

WordPress Pricing

TAPNET offers a solution that is perfect for those that are just getting started with a CMS website using WordPress. We have had our website using WordPress for over 10 years and have used various web hosting providers. Moved our website many times until we finally settled with Host Papa for a web server service provider. We are very confident in managing a WordPress install that we are able to offer it to others looking for some help.

What Is Included?

Our aim is to make your life less stressful. For $3.95, we include web hosting, installing WordPress, install plugins, manage updates and online support. Plus as added services we can also provide many other services such as: theme design, adding pages, webpage SEO, building backlinks and even email hosting with your own custom domain name. A few other bonuses that we can also do are setting up Google Analytics, monthly SEO reports and even online backup service for your workstations and laptops.

WordPress Hosting From $3.95/Month.

Includes Two websites, Free domain registration, 100GB of SSD storage, Unmetered bandwidth, 100 email accounts, All Essential WP Features and Jetpack Free pre‑installed

HostPapa WordPress Hosting
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