Why Do You Need to Pay for Cloud Storage?

Everyone should be facing the hard truth – nothing is free in this world, and this includes cloud storage. Cloud storage is one of the most essential products of the internet nowadays and without it, we would still be relying on traditional ways to store information. Asking why you need to pay for cloud storage is like asking the question of why you need to pay an apartment rent. The bigger the storage space that you want, obviously, the more expensive it is. But the convenience that the cloud storage is providing its users is enough to say that it is needed and important. Cloud storage can give you access to your work files outside of your office wherever it is needed, as long as there is internet access, and it also gives you the freedom to use it whenever and wherever you are, whether using a computer or a mobile device. The backup feature and its ease of availability is the main reason why many people are opting to pay for cloud storage.  Here are some of the additional reasons why sometimes it is a good decision to pay for more space:

Backup – Files are important and for the majority of cloud storage users, they just can’t afford to lose them. It goes without saying that as time goes by, files will increase in size, which is why you will need more storage.

Security – Though by signing up for free services, you might already have the basic security and privacy that you need, but the security of having an upgraded account might get you much more reliability and security for your data.

Customer suppor – tThe upgrade of your cloud storage account will provide you an access to your provider’s customer support and technical assistance department, which could certainly come in handy if your files are compromised and you need help.

How Much Should You Shell Out for Cloud Storage

Many are asking why some people pay for cloud storage at $1.00 a gigabyte, making them pay almost $500 per year for 500 gigabytes of storage. Of course, it is needed by some and it is really convenient and useful especially on business so it is normal to pay that much. Besides, cloud storage providers only offer a small amount of space for free, so you might as well look beyond the free offer if you need more. For business entities, it is normal to pay more than the expected for storage as it is essential to them. And for individuals who normally store files for private purposes, shelling out too much is not necessary. Services like Dropbox or Google Drive for example, offers great space for free, and for most people, the free subscription is already enough for personal usage. One might consider getting more space in a reasonable amount like $10 to $50 for up to 100 gigabytes storage space, but it’s always up to the user especially when it comes to how much space he or she needs. How about you, is the amount you are paying for storage worth it?

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