Who is at Fault when the Cloud is Hacked?

Online backup hacks such as the infamous iCloud celebrity hacking have opened up many concerns about cloud security. Hacking is a cybercrime and anyone who uses the internet can be a victim.

When the ill-fated incident happens to you, where do you put the blame: on yourself or on your online backup provider?

Accepting Your Responsibility

There is a personal violation when your account is hacked. This is regardless if the damage done was an isolated event or a system-wide breach. It’s a human reaction to get mad. After all, it’s an invasion of your privacy and a break of your trust. But you also have to assess the situation and retrace your steps to see if you failed on your responsibility to be vigilant in protecting your files.

It’s important that you read the fine print on your online backup account. Most of the time, people dismiss the “Terms and Conditions” of products or services offered online. And when something unfortunate happens, they belatedly learn that it’s in the agreement that the vendor will not be responsible for any security breach.

Also, on an individual level, it’s your responsibility to protect your device against hackers. There are numerous security products you can get for free to ensure the safety of your computer or tablet. Through these security products, you can guarantee that no invasion happens when you’re using your cloud account.

Expounding your Cloud Provider’s Obligation

When your online backup account gets hacked, your backup provider isn’t 100 percent faultless. At the very least, the vendor has the obligation to investigate the breach. Your cloud vendor must also identify the weak part of their system where the invasion originated. Paying for damages may happen, depending on their agreement with you. If needed, ask for legal assistance so you’ll know what to expect from your vendor and how to proceed after an attack.

No one is blameless when a hack happens. But you and your cloud provider can take extra precaution to prevent this from happening.