Who Does the Email Hacking?

Email hacking is no new thing. It has been around since email messaging has been around, and email security has grown from basic to advanced to become more protective to help ensure the privacy of email users. There are different reasons behind the hacking of your email, and there are also different people behind these acts. Learn more about email hacking as you read on.

Reasons Behind Email Hacking

Your email is the piece of digital ID you can use for logging into various online accounts such as social networking websites, banking accounts, and other places online where you are a registered user of the email. Here are two of the most common reasons behind hacking which can help you understand the motives of the people who choose to victimize you:

To gain access to financial information. – If you use your email account for online banking purposes, being able to have control of your email will ultimately lead to also having control of your online banking activities. This is why you should increase the level of email security you have by following all the suggestions they offer such as entering your mobile number, answering security questions, and the like.

To use your name to get information from other people in your contacts. – This is a tactic that some hackers do. They get in touch with your friends saying something bad happened to you and will ask for help—usually in the form of money. Although your real friends would probably realize if it isn’t you, some still get away with this especially when they create an “emergency” situation.

So Who Does the Hacking?

A lot of different people may be behind email hacking and their reasons may vary. To increase your email security, you should also be wary of the people who may be behind the hacking you are experiencing. Here are a sample of those who get to your email account for all the wrong reasons:

False websites – Those websites which have repetitive pop-ups and those which offer products or services which make you think you need them immediately may request for email information. Once you enter your email address and if they ask for the password, they may use it to gain access to financial information which they can then use to their advantage.

Private individuals – For personal reasons, some individuals may want to hack your email to gain access to your different accounts. This may be purely for gaining access to your email inbox or to spread a bad image of you online.

Email hackers – They may be hacking your email for various reasons such as having the need to have several legit email addresses for online registration purposes, or also to access banking accounts you have online using the same email.

Email security is not something you should have only the minimum of. Follow the suggestions your email provider has and always be careful when logging in at a public computer. Make sure you log out, and take extra security measures such as deleting browser history, cookies, and caches to help ensure no one else can have access to your email after you have left the computer you’re using.

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