When Good Machines Fall

An online backup means you won't take all your files to the electronic graveyard.

An online backup means you won’t take all your files to the electronic graveyard.

Whether you are a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, the world can be a dangerous place. Everywhere you look, there seems to be another threat to your delicate circuitry. All it takes is a nasty virus, a spilled cup of coffee or you owner’s two left feet tripping on a step, and you could be down for the count.

Think about what that would mean for all the important files that you carry for your owner. You’ve got pictures of the new baby, all the Quickbook data, that big client presentation that’s going to change everything, the newsletter that your owner has spent hours putting together. If you get lost at the airport or unplug from this life as we know it, all of that precious data goes with you.

…Unless your owner is smart enough to back up your data using an online backup service. Ah! That’s the ticket. Once your owner signs up with a company like Tapnet that provides online file backups, your cargo is safe. The service will continually back up your data without your owner even noticing so that if a sudden virus has you computing your last, you won’t be taking all your files to the electronic junkyard with you.

Backing up online also means that your owner can access his or her files from multiple devices. As a smartphone, you may not get all the love your owner sheds on her fancy smancy new tablet, but if she’s on the go and needs to access her meeting notes, you’re the one she’s going to use to grab those documents from her online backup archive. Then you’ll be her favorite device, at least for a while.

Additionally, if you are a brand new device, your owner won’t have to spend tedious hours copying all her files from her old device to you. Instead, she can just set up your WiFi connection, log into Tapnet or her online backup provider, and you can quickly and easily download all of her files. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be prepped and ready to go like the two of you have been working together for years.

Sure, the world is a dangerous place for electronic devices like yourself. You can’t always count on being alive tomorrow, but if your owner uses an online backup company like Tapnet, your files can live on, and you can rest easy knowing that you didn’t leave your owner in a lurch…even if she is the one who accidentally dropped you into the backyard pool.