What You Don’t Know about NAS

Are you using a network attached storage (NAS) device? If so, did you back it up?

If you’re like most people, you haven’t backed up your NAS because you feel as though it’s just like a backup system. Unfortunately, that’s a mistake many people make using a NAS.

The Problem

The reality is that NAS devices are just like computers in that they can crash. With a crash, data can be lost and unrecoverable.

That could lead to devastating consequences. When many companies place all of their data on a NAS believing that they are saving them safely, they end up suffering from complete data loss. Many companies have gone into bankruptcy and shut their doors forever because of it.

Before NAS devices, companies stored data on multiple computers, so if one crashed, the data on that one was the only one lost. With the NAS, all data from all computers are stored on it. That means all data from all computers are lost.

The Solution

With the news of NAS not being any more reliable than a computer, you don’t have to consider getting rid of them. What companies can do is back up the NAS. Backing up every once and a while isn’t enough though. Any data accumulated in between backups could be lost if there is a crash before the next scan. What companies really need is real time scanning.

Real time scanning is the process of backing up the NAS whenever a new file is added or one is updated. That way if there is a crash all of the data can be accessed.

Why take the risk of having all of your company’s data lost in a second? Get automatic NAS backup today before something devastating happens.