What Questions Do You Ask Your Online Backup Provider?

online backup provider

May it be for personal or business use, storing data to an online backup is one of the best innovations there are to date. For businesses, choosing the right online backup provider could be one of the toughest decisions you could make. After all, you would want your backup to be guarded against viruses, hacking, or anything similar.

To make sure all your important business files are protected while stored in your cloud, you have to choose the online backup provider that you think would best suit your wants and needs. Here are five different questions you have to ask your online backup provider before making a decision:

How much will getting an online backup cost?

First and foremost, to calculate how much you’re going to spend on an online backup provider, you have to know how much data you intend to backup. Do you plan to backup just documents, photographs, video files and audio files? Or do you want to backup your entire computer, including some program files and the operating system? Once you determine how much data you will be backing up online, you can easily find a backup plan that will best suit your needs. Some backup plans have services that can be paid monthly or annually, or depending on how much space you need. There are some that provide unlimited storage space, too, for a fixed rate.

How often is the data being stored?

Ideally, your data should be backed up every day. Having an online backup is much easier and less time and energy consuming as saving all your data to a cd or memory card. Archiving your data can be done as often (nightly) or as little (once a year) as you wish, it all depends on the schedule you give your provider.

Can I backup several computers to one storage account?

Some online backup providers have the option of setting up a storage account for just one computer, while some can provide space for a number of computers. Before deciding on what service to avail, you have to make sure that all the computers you intend to backup are compatible to their software, as some services seem to favor only Windows or Macs.

In the event that a disaster (read: all files magically disappear) happens, will the backup provider offer to recover the files?

Some computer disasters are inevitable – accidental wiping out of data included. If by any chance the worst possible thing happens, you have to make sure that your backup provider will help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. Some backup providers have the option of shipping restores, in case a large amount of data was accidentally deleted from the cloud.

Does your online backup provider have 24/7 support?

Most of the time, support comes in email form, with it being the easiest medium to communicate. But not all backup service providers offer customer support round the clock. If you submit queries during the wee hours of the night, expect a response during business hours.

When dealing with a huge amount of important files, it is ideal to get an online backup provider you can trust. Don’t hesitate to ask these questions to find the backup provider that will suit you the most.

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