What is the Skinny on Free Online Backup Services?

free online backup In this day and age where people are reliant more than ever on their computers for their work and their day to day communication and entertainment, it is becoming even more important to back up files. Sure, most laptops, computers, and gadgets are nifty and sturdy things that can stand up to many different tests and rigors but it is a fact that they break down and when they do, they will take your data and files with them. If you are not backing up your data, then you stand no chance of recovering each precious file that you lost.

Forms of Backup

There was a time then people who did backup their files would have to rely on things like external hard drives, CDs, and USBs and while they were good, they were still vulnerable to physical damage and to getting lost. Why, even a splash of water could render these backup devices and tools inaccessible and that left people without their precious files. However, with the leaps and bounds made in technology, people have one more option these days and it is the online backup service. Some of them are paid but people can also benefit from free online backup services and tools.

What is Free Online Backup?

Online backup is a service or a technology wherein people can backup their files online so they never have to worry about losing data. It can be very technical but to make a long story short, online backup, also called “remote backup,” is a process wherein data is stored offsite and selected folders, files, and even the entire content of a hard drive is backed up in a computer or server that comes with a network connection.

People can choose to pay for their online backup service but they can also choose to go for free backup services, especially if they do not have much to store. However, for folks that have bigger files in mass quantities that they cannot afford to lose, going for paid services has to be the best option since they will enjoy more space for storage and more comprehensive services.
Why Backup at All?

Whether you choose paid or free online backup is entirely up to you and what you need – just the fact that you are backing up is already to be lauded. However, for those of you who are not yet using online backup services, below are a couple of reasons that are sure to have you backing up ASAP.

• You can access your file anywhere – When you store files and back them up online, this means that you can access and make changes to your files anywhere you are. You just need a machine that has internet access and you are good to go.

• No worries of physical loss – When you backup files online, you need not worry about losing your backup devices or losing them to theft, fires, water damage, etc. Your files stay safe and sound in their remote location.

Have you thought about backing up your files online? Have you ever looked for a free online backup service? Share your thoughts below!