What Files to Prioritize when Doing an Online Backup?

Computers are complex and there are a lot of threats to their usefulness and functionality. Accidents happen even if you take good care of your machine. And sometimes, if you’re that unlucky, your computer hard drive crashes for no reason or your OS gets corrupted out of nowhere.

Acts of nature in the form of flood, fire, or earthquake can also be threats to your machines and the files stored in them. If you are diligent enough, your personal or business data are regularly backed up.

But what about those with the same concerns, but aren’t quite built for diligence? One day, they’ll just find themselves crossing their fingers and hoping that they files are still intact after a sudden blue screen of death or a scary fire.

Don’t let this happen to you. Use an online backup solution.

Online Backup List of Priorities

Online backup is a remote backup. It’s off-site and secures files, folders, or an entire hard drive for your peace of mind. Everyone would agree that documents and digital materials that are irreplaceable must be backed up, right? So, this process is nothing to sneeze about.

When doing a backup online, here are the files you need to prioritize:

1. Important documents

Documents whether for work or personal use are a top priority in online backup since there are future references to these files that could come out at any given moment. It’s best to have these data secured at the same time handy when you need them.

2. Memories in the form of photos and videos

Moments and memories made with loved ones are often captured in photos and videos. The cloud or online backup allows you to instantly sync these digital memories with one or two other devices. This ensures there will always be copies of these files for reminiscing later.

3. Email messages

Whether for work or for personal use, email has become a constant in this digital era. Your important email messages and sentimental online missives are often considered for long-term storage. Backing up and storing copies of these documents prove practical and wise if there is a need to access information for specific purposes later on.

4. Music Playlists

For so many, music is their way of life. It’s their go-to place to let go or unwind. Maybe, it’s also your place to lose yourself in once in a while. Keeping your music playlist intact is important, especially if the collection has been meticulously curated and maintained. An online backup of these songs go a long way for self-preservation for you and for many other musically-inclined people.


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