What Cloud Storage Apps are Best for Musicians?

It seems like everything is now affected by digitalization. Virtually all things are run by computers, and almost every profession is in need of a gadget. Even artists are now going digital, particularly those involved in the music industry.

Musicians use and produce vast amounts of data daily. In order to get inspiration, they have thousands of songs stored in their players. They also record music and videos of their performances. Some singers even use tablet computers as their lyric books while performing.

The problem here is that a lot of musicians only store all these data on their smartphones or tablets. This can be a very bad idea since losing the device means losing a lot of their work. This is the primary reason why a cloud storage app is a must. Their music apps can do an online backup and keep their work safe and secured even if they lose their gadget.

Cloud storage

Here are four of the best storage apps in the long list of music-centric online backup services today.


This is one of the most popular cloud apps for musicians worldwide. SoundCloud offers three hours’ worth of storage for free. It also features a “Share” function, making it easy for the user to share his work to his other social media channels. While the free use provides a number of benefits, the perks of premium accounts sweeten the deal more. Premium users enjoy an analytics service that tracks listeners along with their geographic locations.

DJ Backup

This is a storage app that allows its user to backup and share all kinds of music-related files. It also supports collaboration with other users from all over the globe without the risk of losing data, thanks to the high-quality security attached to the application. The backup service is automatic, so users don’t need to worry about doing it manually.


Offering unlimited cloud storage, Gobbler also features a rapid transfer system. This means that no matter how huge the backup is, the online storage tool can manage it. It also has a military-grade security system. But perhaps the best feature of this system is its compatibility with almost any audio workstation.


Although this one is not necessarily targeted for musicians, SugarSync has become quite popular in the said niche, too. It can facilitate automatic backup and sharing of digital files. It also allows collaboration that can be processed offline if all users are already synced to the cloud. The storage provider offers a 30-day free trial as well.

There are other options available for online backup, but these four are the most popular for both aspiring and professional musicians. Each storage service keeps their projects safe and secure. All four has the functionality to share their music to others worldwide via integrated social media sharing functions. Furthermore, all these storage services present a collaborative function with other artists. This means an easier way to create more music and a simpler method to receive feedback about their own work before they release them to the public.

Do you have a favorite online backup tool for your music files? Share your comments below.

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