What are the Top 5 Cloud Computing Benefits?

cloud computing benefitsIn just a few short years, cloud computing has evolved from a buzz-word into what is now known as the future of the internet. It has turned from an interesting topic to ponder into something that pervades the everyday functions of businesses and lives of people. With all the cloud computing benefits that people and businesses can take advantage of, it is no wonder that cloud computing has reached the popularity that it has today. Check out the top uses of cloud computing and cloud computing benefits below!

File sharing and storage – Emails may be useful in sending files but it is safe to say that everyone knows the pain of trying to send a large file via email. This is one of the most common cloud computing benefits—people can send massive files without having to wait for it to upload in their email messages. It doesn’t stop there, too. Once you share a file via the cloud, you are also assured that it is stored there until you delete it.

Cloud database – Web apps need databases. In the past, this was a massive undertaking for web developers. For one, they had to set up their own databases and do the maintenance. In fact, tuning and managing a database is so complex that it takes a database administrator with very specific skills to do these. Cloud database delivers a powerful and scalable database for developers and IT personnel. Everything is done as a service—from tuning and monitoring to database software.

CRM – The cloud has a lot of benefits for businesses and this is the reason why more and more companies are starting to use the cloud for their mission-critical apps. CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management systems, are apps dealing with sensitive data: revenue and customer information. CRMs that are cloud-based are easy for IT and sales teams to use and as long as reliable cloud service providers are used, they are also extremely secure.

Email – This is an example of a mission-critical app that is fairly standardized and mature and is ripe for the move to the cloud. For the past several years, CIOs have stated their dream to outsource emails. On a more personal note, most people have been dependent on cloud-based email services for years and years now. If you use Gmail, Yahoomail or Hotmail, you have been using the cloud.

PaaS used for web apps – PaaS, also known as Platform as a Service, burst into the scene back in 2011 and was admittedly overhyped like all other buzzwords.  However, when it comes to PaaS, there is real value in the concept.  Using PaaS allows developers to host their own apps and not have to worry about servers. They just need to upload their apps and watch them run.

There are so many other uses for the cloud but these are the cherries on top. Whatever you use the cloud for it is safe to say that it is still the future of the internet and is likely to evolve into something bigger, better, and with more benefits.