What are the Disadvantages of Hard Disk Backup?

If you are one of those people who frequently use their emails to communicate with others or to subscribe to blogs, you’d agree that every once in a while, you get those messages which you do not know the origins of and maybe once or twice you’ve opened this only to be met by spam. If these emails find themselves in your inbox or spam folders, it would be wise to avoid opening them because you do not know who or where they are from.

What is the Nigerian Prince Email Scam?

There are Nigerian scammers who take advantage of gullible email users by promising them a sum of money in exchange for helping them out with the proceedings of a deal. If you ever get unsolicited email or anything at all that promises you money for services, stay away and discard the said email.

These scams, when replied to, will explain more things to you as you go along and will then ask you for advanced fees before you proceed. The moment you are asked for money, you can be sure that this email is a scam. The Nigerian prince scam in particular would say they are a member of the royal family and they need help transferring large amounts of money out of the country. When you think about it, why would members of any royal family approach a stranger – through email, to help them with their funds transfers? That alone will make you wary of this deal.

Negative Results from Email Scams

One of the disadvantages of hard disk backup is that email scams and other computer viruses target your hard disk for information. Those who fall into the trap of email scams may be subjected to identity theft and loss of information. If your hard disk has valuable information, you must be more particular about how you choose to proceed so as to avoid information loss, or worse, identity theft.

Some email scams come with malware and some work right when you open the email or click on a link indicated in it. Make sure you always update your antivirus protection, or if possible, have an email security protection software to help you protect your information. Loss of personal information, files, and even money has been known to happen when third parties have access to your email and personal information which is why securing your email and device with the right tools and software can help you out.

The damages from email scams can be irreparable especially when your backup files are all in your hard disk and some malware gets to it. Once they have the digital information you are saving, they can even use it against you and it will negatively impact your work performance or reliability to your clients. Be mindful when opening emails and practice constant vigilance when it comes to whose emails you read and decide to correspond with. This way, you can help ensure the protection of your files.

Have you ever seen a scam email in your inbox? We’d like to learn more about your experience, so please comment on this post for further discussion.

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