Who Uses Cloud Computing?

who uses cloud computingCloud computing sounds like a technical term which is why people think that this is something that only “experts” use. The truth is that cloud computing is basically storing, managing, and processing data through the use of the Internet, and just about anyone who has had experience in uploading or downloading files online has had a taste of what cloud computing is like.

On a more detailed aspect, however, who uses cloud computing? Here are some of the groups of people who use cloud computing along with what they use the cloud for:

Small business owners – Small business owners may save on storage space and have more efficient management of their stored information through cloud computing. Instead of having a storage room which will use up utilities and space, they can opt to go for cloud storage services instead and cut costs too.

Bigger businesses – Companies benefit from cloud storage by having another layer of disaster recovery measure for their important files. Big businesses usually have their own methods of storing their files, but they also use cloud computing to have extra security when it comes to their backups. Cloud storage for both small and big businesses also gives them access to the files they need even when they are no longer in the work area. For big businesses aiming their eyes on expansion, this makes it easy to share certain information to other potential partners by authorizing their access to the cloud. This way, information exchange can be easier for them as well.

Industries which deal with hundreds of client files – Healthcare, universities, schools, real estate and the likes can benefit from the cloud as well since they can have digital backups of hundreds or even thousands of files from different clients. There are cloud computing systems which can simultaneously update entries and easily pull up files for reference. This helps cut the time when it comes to reviewing client files which need to be accessed by the service provider.

Individual users – Even ordinary people can be users of cloud computing. May it be for easier file sharing or for personal storage of files online, individual users can benefit from the cloud by saving space on their hardware and have their files stored online instead. Saving and accessing files won’t be hard as long as one has access to the Internet, and the user can rest assured that the files will be safe in the cloud.

There are some differences on how the cloud is used, depending on who uses cloud computing. Despite these differences however, it is certain that this technology makes it possible to become more efficient when it comes to storage, management, and retrieval of files. May it be paid or free cloud storage, there are always people who will be using the cloud to have a safe place to store the digital information they need to keep safe.

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