The Best Value in Web Hosting Packages

Many companies are now delivering web hosting, but not all of them are equal. Actually, many of them do not provide the quality services they deserve because they don’t offer all of the features available when it comes to hosting. At TAPNET, we provide a full suite of web hosting features, so you can run your website(s) easily without problems.

About TAPNET Web Hosting Packages

There is no setup fee for web hosting with TAPNET. You can sign up with one of the packages, and set it up for your website(s) without having to worry about additional fees.

You don’t have to worry about limited data storage space or bandwidth limits. You can do as much as you want with your website as you would like to do. This is what gives you the ability to give your consumers exactly what they need and want.

If you choose to have a PRO plan with TAPNET’s web hosting, you will receive one domain. If you want to manage more than one website, you can do as many as you want with the Unlimited plan. This is our most popular plan since most people have more than one site for a blog or landing page.

With your package, you will receive an easy to use cPanel Control Panel, FTP accounts, e-mail accounts, auto responders, and e-mail lists. These features will help you manage your website and its visitors. Upload information for you website easily, make communication simple, and give your consumers what they want through email from one central location.

You can use the POP3 Access and IMAP access if you would like to access your email from your own client. It’s easy to set up.

We provide best security with our web hosting services. We have spam and virus protection, SSL Certificate, and MySQL 5 Databases. You and your customers will appreciate this greatly as transactions are being done.

If you need help designing your website, we have you covered. We provide some of the best website builders such as Fantastico Script Builer, RV Site Builder, MS Frontpage Support, Dreamweaver Support, and more.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can take advantage of all of these features with two plans. If you choose the PRO plan, all you have to pay is $4.61 per month, but paid annually, which equals $55.28. For the Unlimited plan, you pay just $7.25 a month for an annual cost of $87.00.

For more information about TAPNET services, please contact us at 1-888-590-0201.

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