The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows you to untether your files from your computer. Cloud computing allows you to untether your files from your computer.

These days when you hear your friends talking about “the cloud,” they may not mean those fluffy white things in the sky. Over the last few years “cloud computing” has become a popular solution for small, medium and large business owners as well as individuals.

The basic concept behind cloud computing is that your computer files, software and applications don’t reside only on your computer’s hard drive. They are also stored on a third-party server known as “the cloud”. A good example of the cloud is Gmail. Instead of saving all of your emails on your computer, you simply log into your Gmail account and access your emails online. Google’s servers store all of your email information for you.

There are many different cloud operators available, including Tapnet, and many reasons why cloud computing are a smart idea for you and your business. In this blog post, we’ll review the top three benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Frees Up Space On Your Hard Drive

Even though computers are coming with more built-in memory than ever, we still seem to find ways of filling them up to the max. Never before have we loaded so many games, applications, music, videos and images onto our computers. Sooner or later, our hard drive fills up, forcing us to purchase more memory, start saving old files on an external hard drive or even deleting some of our bigger files (which we may come to regret).

Cloud computing allows you to store any and all of your applications and files on the cloud and off your hard drive. This storage comes at a monthly or fixed cost, but at least you won’t be forced to delete valuable files.

Cloud Computing Safeguards Your Files

What would happen if you left your laptop in an airport today or if a malicious virus destroyed all of your files? If you are a business owner, this could mean lost invoices, projects screeching to a halt, or the loss of some of your most precious files.

A major data loss event could have a significant negative impact on your business and may even be so disastrous that your business can’t recover. Even if you back up on a hard drive, it may have been several days, weeks or months since you backed up. You’ll get some of your data back, but not the most recent information.

The beauty of cloud computing is that all of your files are saved on an outside server. That means your files will always be safeguarded and protected, as long as you use a highly quality cloud computing company like Tapnet. No matter what happens to your devices (including your tablets and phones), your information can always be instantly retrieved.

Cloud Computing Allows You To Access Your Files Wherever You Have An Internet Connection

These days it’s not unusual for most of us to switch from multiple devices throughout the day. We may start our mornings scrolling through email on our smart phones, sit down at our computers when we get into the office and then take our tablet with us to a client meeting. It’s important to be able to access your files and software programs no matter what device you use or where you are.

Rather than relying on jump drives to constantly shuttle files between computers (which won’t work on phones and iPads, by the way), invest in cloud computing. This way, all you’ll need to do is go online and sign into your account, and then you’ll instantly have access to all of your data whether you’re on your work laptop, your home desktop, your smart phone or your tablet.

Cloud computing makes computing easier, safer and more convenient for business owners and individuals. If you’d like to learn more about how cloud computing can help you improve your business and personal computing, contact Tapnet for more information on our cloud computing services.

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