The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Big Businesses

cloud computing for big businessesMost people who hear about cloud computing will know that it is great for storage and that it is wonderful for small businesses. After all, it is a cheap way for them to back up their files and also an inexpensive way for them to manage their businesses. But do you know that cloud computing for big businesses is also possible? You do not normally hear about cloud computing being associated with big businesses but it is happening. Read on below to find out more about it.

Cloud computing for all

Cloud computing may be linked to small and medium business most of the time but the fact of the matter is cloud computing solutions fits all business sizes and all type of industries.

It is for his very reason why more and more companies, both big and small, are switching to cloud computing storage solutions. For big businesses, they usually do not have to worry too much about money but an increasing number of big companies are switching to the cloud anyway since it offers them a way to move from extensive in-house computing infrastructures.

One benefit of such a move is that it alters the way businesses intelligence is used in support of decision-making processes. What it does is it allows them to speed up the product development procedures and this means they make a profit much more quickly.

According to data gathered by Microstrategy, most companies are now making use of cloud computing to develop mobile apps. In fact, according to the data they gathered about 80% of the companies they surveyed made use of the cloud and they reported savings of up to 30% for their app development.

This is an approach that makes a lot of sense financially-speaking and can be used across a vast array of industries and sectors. They say that there are some 20% of firms that use the cloud can be found in the retail sector while 18% belong to the media and advertising sector. This is followed by 11% in the healthcare industry and science-oriented sectors as well.

For big businesses and major corporations the choice to move to the cloud will be driven more by experience. This is in contrast to smaller companies that switch to the cloud due to the fact that the cloud proves easy for them to adopt given their limited existing structures.

Moving to cloud

Big companies that are moving to the cloud are doing so little by little and they are starting with new projects and new products first. While this is a promising start it remains to be seen if they will really fully move their data and their processes to the cloud. To date, most analysts say that there is a 6-24 month waiting period to see if the companies really are making the move. Those who are already starting say it will take the roughly that amount of time to transfer all their data to the cloud and use it fully for their businesses.