Inbound email filtering blocks 99% of spam and viruses within emails.

Cloud email infrastructure and spam detection technology email filtering service provides superior protection from viruses and other email threats.

Outbound email filtering can be just as critical as inbound. Protect employees from potentially creating harm or having your IP address blacklisted. Blacklisted IP can prevent important and critical email messages from being delivered. As other email servers scan for spam, if a message is coming from a blacklisted IP address many email servers will not accept delivery.

Being black listed can damage the reputation of companies and prevents the ability to send spam or viruses which decreases deliverability and traceability of messages.

Outbound email filtering is very quick and easy to setup. Outbound delivery address redirects all messages to our filters and scans for potential threats before forwarding messages to their final destinations.
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Checking email for spam is not normally as big of a problem if there is just a sprinkle of emails. However it can be embarrasing when others see how much spam you receive. The immediate thought to others is what websites have you visited or registered on to get your email address to so many spammers? It can begin to peck away at reputation and creditiblity. Along with reputation, at times spam storms strike and can result in dozens of spam messages in your inbox.

All it takes is one important email to be buried amongst spam messages to be accidentally deleted or worse yet added to junk email filter blocker. When important business contacts to not receive an email response for days or worse even at all that begins to become an opportunity loss. For the price of 1 Starbucks a month, imagine what you can get in return?

Spam is sometimes just one problem, if a virus begins to unleash itself in your organization or attacks your address book and begins to spam your contacts can cause immediate blacklisting of your IP address without even being aware of it. Spammers and Email Viruses are becoming smarter and creative that anyone can fall victim to a simple attack.

Protect yourself now from all the headaches 1 spam message can cause, for as low as $2.25 per month.
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Content Filter

TAPNET spam filters use world class cloud based technology to enhance email filtering. We can scan the content of an email and in short time we can quickly spot a message that is a spam message. Amateur spammers make it very obvious which messages are about some sort of money mule scams.

Professional email spammers are getting even more creative to gain access to accounts of important websites such as online banking and other places that can become quickly lucrative to the right hacker. These messages can look so legitimate that one can easily fall prey to a link within an email. The benefit of content filtering is we scan links in message to ensure the links are not trying to direct you to a web page that is a known hacker server. These messages are known as Phishing attempts. Hackers can create a trojan email to look exactly like the real messages websites normally send out. It can at times be very difficult to know if these are real messages or trojans.

All it takes is one accidental click and an email virus can begin unleashing itself to install key tracking software that sends all your keystrokes back to a data bank server that scans for email addresses, passwords or worse yet credit card numbers, bank card numbers and other sensitive information. Once a hacker has your credit card number they can begin identity theft.

Stop taking risks by screening your own emails, for as low as $2.25 per month.
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Image Analyzer

Most common type of email that creates interest are pictures. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, but most importantly can offer a significant amount of entertainment. All it takes is one virus infected image to infect your computer without even knowing. These trojan viruses can be as small as annoyances to as significant as wiping out an entire Hard Drive.

Opening pictures from an email can look so innocent. Especially if they are received from someone you know. Typically because the virus will send to all your contacts without any warning. All your contacts will receive an email that looks like it came from your email and yourself. They innocently open the picture out of curiosity and WHAM it begins unleashing itself in a repetitive manner on that person.

A picture virus can be very quiet and dormant for a period of time. Undetected by email virus scanning software they can install themselves onto millions of computers before an virus scanning software can detect. Sitting quietly waiting like a time bomb to begin wreaking havoc.

Protect yourself from being the next victim from one of these viruses, for as little as $2.25 per month.
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