Emergency Inbox

TAPNET provides a web portal to access to email if a mail server fails or if there is unexpected downtime. Keeping business email operational at all times is critical during business hours. Many Email Continuity systems only activate after a disaster happens but TAPNET’s Emergency Inbox is always on and always available, kicking in from the moment a problem hits so you won’t miss a single email. When email is unable to reach its destination server, TAPNET will make it instantly available via a webmail client, with full access to read mail, forward, reply to, compose new and open attachments.
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Instant Replay

TAPNET’s Instant Replay feature, email filtering users can resend successfully delivered emails which have been deleted or removed from servers. Any email sent out or received via TAPNET, can be instantly replayed in its original format if and when required. This offers a much simpler alternative to performing time-consuming backup restores. A complete restore often results in gaps in the data and the more complex single message restore procedure can ultimately result in an unstable database. Remove the risk for you and your customers with TAPNET’s easy and safe, one-click Instant Replay.
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Spooling and Failover

Instant and automatic activation plus always-on SMTP Deferral, Failover & Queue protection, make this feature an email continuity essential! We also supply email administrator access to control automatic failover order and status as well as a quick, automatic reset to the primary site.

TAPNET’s clients love that it also preserves email metadata during an outage. Email spooling and failover benefit SMBs because it is activated automatically without requiring any administrator intervention 24x7x365. It avoids burdening IT staff by automatically detecting and monitoring destination server availability and making the correct decision when to invoke failover configurations.

On top of this it delivers quick restoration of SMTP traffic to primary site once recovery is detected, reducing system complexity and administrative headaches. Finally, this nifty feature provides a comprehensive, extremely low-maintenance answer to your backup MX management needs

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