Tamper Proof

Once data is archived with TAPNET, using 256-AES encryption which is muck like a fingerprint it cannot be access or tampered without an unlock key.

The data is stored offsite in a unique encrypted format for each end-user that does not allow any manipulation of the original whatsoever.

Email content cannot mysteriously disappear or change with Maildistiller’s tamper-proof archive and therefore can be used as legal evidence.
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Increased Storage

Archiving email is a function of a filter. As each message passes through the filter and is scanned for spam and viruses, it can be optionally saved as a copy before being delivered to the destination server. This is a great opportunity for just an extra $1 to per month to have a copy of all messages saved. In the event of a disaster, recovering email can be as easy as having all messages re-delivered to your inbox.

With Archiving enabled it can alleviate the intense amount of space a local email server needs to retain messages for a lengthy period of time. Especially over time mailboxes can grow to be rather large adding strain to an email server, backup space required and email clients churning up to open a mailbox file.

Many organizations are also faced with compliance regulation that requires copies of emails to be held for up to 10 years. With just one server disaster in that time frame can immediately cause your organization to fall out of compliancy.

Stay safe, for an extra $1 per month make email archiving a non-issue.
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With TAPNET, email archiving enables each user to have full control over their own mailboxes. Each organization can designate an administrator to set control of who can see, search and perform audits. With email compliancy, our systems are built to abide by strictest standards. Make email archiving worry free with the added control of maintaining security and control over mailboxes.

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The TAPNET E-Discovery features enable adminstrators the ability to retrieve specific emails or attachments with our super fast search abilities.

During litigation emails can be a valuable part of evidence since people are generally less careful when sending emails. It is always a perfect source to be used as evidence in trials against potentially damaging cases.
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When you implement TAPNET’s hosted archiving solution, every email message inbound and outbound going through your organisation is archived in order to ensure complete data protection and traceability.

It is important and better than just choosing only particular users email mailboxes to archive, thereby leaving risk gaps in organization email data and prevents complete transparency with regards to email messages entering and
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Separate Archive Per Mailbox

Every customer subscribed to TAPNET email archiving solution will receive their own dedicated and unlimited data store where all email messages can be stored separately from other mailboxes using military grade 256-Bit AES encrypted format.

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Implementing TAPNET’s hosted email archive offers organisations compliance protection from the legal requirements and guidelines for HIPPA, HITEC, Sarbanes Oxley, Freedom of Information, FRCP, FINRA and GLBA.

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WIndividul End User Access

Each TAPNET Email Filtering Service user is provided with individual access to our Email Management Portal to search archives plus entire organization email access is provided to selected email administrators.

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Cloud Based

TAPNET Email archive is completely cloud-based service which requires no hardware or software to be installed, meaning no hassle and no extra costs for SMBs. Having a purely hosted service for archiving also removes the need to implement email servers on your backup and disaster recovery plan.

Since email carries such a large data foot print for most organizations, by utilizing TAPNET’s cloud based email archiving solution can alleviate the need to include mailboxes as part of the backup plan and can focus on data from shared files.
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Retention Policy

Email administrators can set retention policies on a per domain basis with the option to exclude certain messages for reasons such as legal demands. By enforcing customised legal policies SMBs can be reassured email will not be lost or tampered.

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Review Employee Communication

Email Administrators can review and monitor email usage to ensure email usage policys are adhered to for the protection of the business and reputation. If employees are suspected of violating acceptable user policy or misuse of corporate email services, then retrieval of such offences as proof is often required as legal evidence.

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