Multi-Level Login

TAPNET’s Interface console offers partners complete management control over all customer accounts from one secure logon. Partners are able to manage each customer’s settings, manage licensing and renewals, set corporate defaults and access users independently. Plus in order to ease your workload and allow your customers to feel more in control, we also offer administrative level sign-on so company admins can create rules and adjust settings across their entire organisation. Additionally we also offer individual user-login so each user can access their own account with the ability to search their logs, create rules, adjust spam settings and view their own emergency inbox if and when disaster strikes.
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Domain Management

From administrative level login and above, unlimited domains can be managed via the easy to use TAPNET console. Each domain can be managed independently or as a group. Administrators have the ability to define single destination or failover for delivery, supporting instant disaster recovery detection and activation.
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User Add LDAP

Adding users to TAPNET is quick and easy. You can import users from Active Directory or another LDAP compliant directory without the need for a client side agent. Security groups, user details, email addresses, aliases, distribution groups and public folders are all imported automatically and are simply managed via the console. If your client is unable to grant access to their LDAP server you can use SMTP discovery where users are auto-provisioned having been detected as ‘real’ by the system. Additionally users and groups can simply be imported in bulk via CSV upload.
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Remote Machine Monitoring

TAPNET RMM will deliver to SMBs and their IT departments with the necessary resources to effectively monitor company systems from one location, providing immediate information on alerts to tackle potential issues as quickly as possible.
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