Onsite Tech Support

All our services are of the highest caliber and come in either packages or as individual services. They are available for big and small companies and we encourage all interested parties to give us a call or send an email with queries or requests. We are highly flexible as a company and try our best to meet all the needs and requests of our clients.

Rates per service or package vary depending on what is needed but we make it a point to keep our rates within the reach of our clients. Click here to find out more about our services, packages, and rates. Visit TAPNET Tech Partners page to view available locations.

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Online Backup

Tapnet also offers thorough online backup services. As a cloud storage provider, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that your most important data online has safe backup copies which are protected from online threats. We know what your data means to you and with our well-priced online backup services, you can rest easy knowing you have taken great measures to minimize data loss and risk. With the dedicated servers and complete revision history of our online backup services, you’ll feel safe knowing you have updated backup files online. You can learn more about the features of our online backup services here.
If you want to protect your workplace and keep your information in network attached storage devices safe, we also offer NAS backup services which you can learn more about here. Basically, it acts like a normal backup but what makes it different is that we make sure your network attached devices are covered as well. Consider this as an affordable yet more complete approach to file protection especially in the workplace!
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Email Security

Also, we know that you share information and data to partners, associates, and other business affiliates through other means—especially through email. To have more control over your email activity and to protect your business’s interests and information, we have email security options such as email filtering and email archiving. Your business may be the next target of spammers and malicious third parties. With our email filtering system, you can protect your inbox and other email information in a cost-effective way. The archiving services we offer also make it possible for you to manage and easily keep a copy of important emails which may be deleted from the inbox after your main provider reaches the storage limit. There’s more to our email security services, so check it out here!
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Web Hosting

Last but not the least, Tapnet also offers unparalleled web hosting services at entry-level prices without sacrificing the ultimate web hosting experience for you. No need to worry about bandwidth limits or limited web storage! With an instant account creation and topnotch customer support, your website will be up and running right when you need it if you choose Tapnet for your web hosting needs. For more information on these excellent offers, click here to learn more and see what’s in store for you!
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