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What is the Future of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has been a buzz word for several years now, what with companies and businesses slowly recognizing its efficiency and usefulness. In fact, it has grown far faster and larger than what was predicted and this serves as a testament to just how useful the technology is. These days, cloud computing is still being developed to become better and more efficient which makes people wonder: What is the future of cloud computing?

 The Future of Cloud Computing

future of cloud computing

There was a time when businesses would have to decide “if” they were going to do business on the cloud or not. These days, cloud computing is no longer an “if” because it has come to a point where it has become a must. Below are some predictions for the future of cloud computing:

There will be greater education and more segmentation.

Experts say that currently, customers are just beginning to grasp the differences among different types of clouds. Understandably, it can be tricky for cloud newbies to know the difference between private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments. In the future, people will know the differences as well as the pros and cons of the different cloud types and with this bigger knowledge, they will learn to pick the type of cloud that best suits their needs. This greater understanding will lead to a more efficient and more widespread use of cloud computing.

HR and marketing will use cloud computing more.

When companies make the move to the cloud, they usually turn to their IT department. They never used to pay any attention to HR and Marketing when it came to such things but that will soon change because with the cloud in place, HR and Marketing will have just as much say as the IT Department when it comes to technological innovations and use in the workplace.

CIO will enable the cloud.

IT is slowly moving away from its role as gatekeeper and this means the role of the CIO changes as well. The reason for this is because cloud computing is putting a great pressure on CIOs to reinvent their roles so they are able to stay relevant. For CIOs to remain relevant, they need to become more cutting-edge and innovative. They need to educate their teams so they can get on the cloud much more quickly and stay in the frontlines of this innovation shift.

Small companies will have access to bigger software.

There was a time when small companies would have to rely on cheaper software since they would not have funds for the big software in the market. The cloud has changed all that in the sense that it has democratized the procurement process for applications and software. It has come to a point where even the smallest companies can easily gain access to solutions that can give them that much-needed edge.

These changes are definitely in the cards for cloud computing and it is proving to be a very exciting time for everyone. Are you excited about the future for this cloud computing technology as well?