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What are Some Common Web Hosting Lingo?

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Delving into the world of web hosting can be a whole lot confusing especially if you do not know web hosting lingo. If you do not understand the terms they use then it can be hard to make a decision or just choose the webhosting service that you want to go for. If you are planning on putting up your own website, it will be to your benefit to brush up on web hosting lingo. Do not worry, it is really quite simple once you get the hang of it and you might even be surprised to know that you are already familiar with some of the terms they use in the business. For those that wish to know more, below are some terms that you might want to know.

web hosting lingo

Types of Hosting

Windows server – This is a type of server that runs using Windows OS. This usually costs more money but is needed especially for some specific apps.

VPS hosting – VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and this refers to a server that is divided and each division acts as a separate server. This costs less than a dedicated server but will also offer you more flexibility as compared to a shared plan.

Shared hosting – When you opt for shared hosting, what this means is your website stays on a server that other accounts also reside in. this means all system resources are shared among all the account. A lot of business and personal websites can reside in shared hosting servers and not have to worry about exceeding system expectations.

Server – This refers to a computer that is responsible for deliver info to other computers. Usually, your website resides on a server that your web host owns.

Reseller hosting – A term used to refer to an instance where a block of server resources is sold to just one individual who wants to use it to host several domains under a name you own.

Linux server – This term is used to refer to servers that make use of Linux. This is a free and open source OS that is mainly used by shared and free web hosting services.

Dedicated hosting – This is the term used for a hosting account wherein only one web host has complete control over a server. When you get this type of hosting, all the sources are relegated to your account only.

Choosing a Plan

Dedicated IP – This means an IP that is special to your website. If you are using SSL to receive payments on your site then you will need this.

Bandwidth – This means the amount of data that your account consumes. This happens whenever someone visits your website and also when files are uploaded or downloaded and sent or received.

Add on domain – This refers to a separate site that comes with your account and shared the resources of the plan that you choose.

Those are just some of the common terms that you will face when looking for a web hosting plan. Are you familiar with any of the web hosting lingo listed above?

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