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How Can the Web Hosting Consumer Guide Help You?

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web hosting consumer guide

These days, anyone can practically own a website. WordPress and Joomla platforms are free and .com domains are cheap. This is great news especially for a small, growing business.

Before starting on your website theme or design, it’s necessary to employ a web hosting service. Basically, this service will let others see your website. It’s the one that will publish your site online. To further understand this service, listed below is a web hosting consumer guide.


Apart from ensuring that your site is visible, web hosting:

  • Concentrates on all the technical tasks and responsibilities of running the website. This will give the business the freedom to focus on other aspects of owning a website, such as the look of it and its content.
  • Provides additional features. Web host helps its clients find a fitting domain name and choose the right tools needed to build a quality website.
  • Offers a one-stop shop feature for businesses. Web host provides software and applications like digital shopping carts for e-commerce sites.
  • Provides additional security specialties that protect sites from harmful viruses and cybercriminals. This is a big deal for online businesses that require payment through credit or debit cards.
  • Administers tech support for small businesses if ever an IT problem occurs.


Providers of web hosting services have monthly and annual payment systems. The basis of the cost of the services are:

  • Storage space needed
  • Tools for web-building used
  • Number of email accounts requested
  • Number of pages to be hosted

There are web hosting providers that offer flat rate for hosting unrestricted number of sites under one client, while others have a special pricing system based on the tools and resources needed by the client.

Often, web hosting service providers give discounts or special rates to small businesses with a single website. Alternatively, there are unlimited packages for a company with multiple websites or if a business needs online expansion. For a cost, providers can also add benefits like security features.

Web Hosting Types

There are four general types of web hosting services.

  • Virtual hosting or shared hosting – One web host service stores several websites on its server in sequence. This is the cheapest web hosting type.
  • Colocation hosting – The business allocates its own server to another data center.
  • Dedicated hosting – The business rents an entire server for its own use and need.
  • In-house hosting – The business has its own server.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Cost-effective.
  • Gives tech support.
  • Provides variety of web-based tools and templates (great for people who have no experience with web design).


  • Virtual sharing may cause spam flood and blocked website.

Overall, web hosting services are great if you want your own place in the virtual world. Businesses nowadays need web hosting to reach their target market easier. The key to a good web hosting service is in choosing the right provider. Check multiple providers and compare what they’re offering before making a final web host decision.

What’s more important to you: web hosting features or web hosting costs?

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