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What are the Pros and Cons of HostGator?

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HostGator happens to be one of the most popular webhosting service providers today. They offer different webhosting services for personal as well as business needs. Being one of the most popular names in webhosting, it is natural that a lot of interested individuals who would like to have their own website would want to know about the pros and cons of HostGator before spending money on any of their services. If you happen to be one of these individuals, take a look at the following pros and cons of HostGator to help you make that informed decision on the webhosting service provider you will be working with.

Pros of Webhosting from HostGator

pros and cons of HostGator HostGator is known for their plan variety. They have plans which suit your budget and needs. Depending on the kind of webhosting you need, you’ll get lower rates per month. Take their Unlimited Web Hosting plans for example. Under this category, they have three which include the Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan. This is great for those who would first like to start small or get a feel of the webhosting services that HostGator offers.

They also offer services such as reseller hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated servers, and getting the domain of your choice. Some of their attractive features which greatly encourage those who are in need of hosting include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free billing systems, dedicated IPs, and free site builder software. They give their clients the comfort and efficiency they need to have better control of their website and the relevant features.

Clients are also given full tech support all throughout the year – whenever they need it. Simply call their hotlines and experts can walk you through your inquiries to provide you with the help you need. Considering the affordable rates that HostGator offers, they really are quite cost-efficient. To make the deal even sweeter, they have a 45-day money back guarantee if the clients ever feel like they are not satisfied with the services that HostGator has given them.

Cons of Webhosting from HostGator

One of the main cons of HostGator webhosting is that they have quite a bit of complexity when it comes to actually using or managing the plans. Despite the support and online help resources, the process they have actually feels quite geeky—and may be a bit too geeky for regular people.

Another con is that HostGator is said to have some slow times, or that it has a slow TTFB or “time to first bite” compared to other competitors. When you value speed, this may be a turning point and it may even affect the viewing experience of potential clients. Lastly, the prices of their domain offers are quite pricey compared to other domain packages. Then again, they’re a hosting service provider which might be why they’re charging higher for their domain services which aren’t their main services.

Overall, HostGator is a reliable and really affordable source of webhosting services. Despite its cons, getting used to their system as well as adjusting to their settings and features can get you a long way. Do you think you’d get along well with the services that HostGator offers? Comment your thoughts—we’d love to hear from you!

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What are the Pros and Cons of Dreamhost?

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pros and cons of Dreamhost Dreamhost has become one of the top choices for web hosting services, as well as other related products like server and domain services. Considering the vast experience they have gathered in the field after they first started in 1997, the continuous rise in their popularity despite the increase in the competition shows how much they have evolved into the service provider that they are today. If you are considering their web hosting services for your business or for your personal needs, here is an overview of the pros and cons of Dreamhost to help you decide.

The Pros of Dreamhost

Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage –

Dreamhost offers an unlimited amount of bandwidth and storage, which will be perfect for a continuously growing website. This would help you save on costs in running a regular website despite rapid growth.

Unlimited Add-on Domains, Subdomains and SQL Databases –

This is a pretty basic benefit for a lot of web hosting providers, but it counts as an advantage just the same.

Programming Languages Supported –

Dreamhost has the capacity to support a number of different scripts like PHP5, Python, Perl and CGI, among others.

File Access –

Dreamhost allows you to access your website files through SSH, FTP, Full Shell or SFTP.

One Click Installation –

Dreamhost makes it easier for those who have very little technical knowledge by allowing you to set up aspects of your website with just a few clicks.

Money Back Guarantee –

A full refund awaits you if you decide within 97 days that you are unhappy with their services. They do this with no questions asked, showing respect to their customers’ feedback and opinion.

Customer Support –

One feedback that Dreamhost always gets is their superb customer service. Something that not a lot of web hosting providers can give their customers, Dreamhost has a certified expert on the other line all the time, whether you try to reach them through a phone call, an email, or a chat message.

The Cons of Dreamhost

Security History –

Although Dreamhost has assured their followers that they learn from their mistakes, the fact still remains that their name was badly beaten up when over 700 websites that they hosted were compromised in 2007. Of course, this was 7 years ago and Dreamhost has made a lot of adjustments since then to avoid similar issues.

Price –

Dreamhost is definitely not the cheapest web hosting service around. However, their prices are reasonable enough considering their vast experience in the industry and the range of services that they offer.

Control Panel –

Dreamhost does give you access to the control panel to give you a better handle of your website, but it is rather hard to use. This makes it challenging especially for those who are not exactly technically savvy.

Considering these pros and cons of Dreamhost that were presented, do you think this is the right fit for you? If you have any experience with Dreamhost in the past, would you agree with these observations?

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What You Need to Know about Web Hosting for Beginners

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web hosting for beginnersThe idea of web hosting for beginners may really seem daunting. This is especially true when you would like to save on costs and take care of overseeing your web maintenance needs by yourself. If you would like to use your time wisely, here are some useful tips for web hosting for beginners:

You can easily have your own website—through paid or free methods depending on the web hosting service provider you choose. Both can be good, but each has their own advantages and disadvantages so take time to research and compare.

You can choose from four main kinds of web hosting—virtual private servers, shared, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. They all act as storage but differ in control and level of technical knowledge required. Cloud and shared hosting are easy to handle while dedicated servers and virtual private servers can be a little more technical.

When choosing your domain name, have your brand in mind. Have a relevant domain name which is easy to remember but significant for your business. You can also register several alternative domain names similar to the ones you already have so that clients will still be led to your page when they type in a similar-sounding but otherwise unclaimed domain name.

Pay attention to how much bandwidth your chosen web hosting service provider offers. Your bandwidth will determine how much data your hosting account can transfer. If you want a great-looking page with different kinds of files that make your website look good, expect to need something with a bigger bandwidth allocation. You don’t necessarily have to overspend just because of bandwidth concerns, but having some space to move around will make your website look great.

Cheap web hosting can be your friend. There are a lot of reliable yet cheap or affordable web hosts online. These even offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth and add-on domains, so they’re not bad options at all. Rates start at about $2 per month depending on which provider you choose. Anything below $5 monthly can be considered affordable. Take time to compare the features of your prospective hosting providers.

Establish your presence online by presenting a consistent and recognizable face. This comes in the form of using your web host to make your website viewers feel how reliable you are. Think of your logos, mottos, and color schemes to give your potential clients the feeling that you value their browsing experience. This will make them want to visit your site more often!

Maintain your site’s functionality. Check every once in a while when it comes to your website’s functionality. Make sure all the pages are loading and if you notice something’s not working the way it should, get in touch with the support system of your web host service provider.

Remember these basic tips when you manage your own website and when you are choosing your web hosting provider. This can help you maximize your website’s full potential while being able to find the right service provider who will give you the most value for your money as well.

What did you think of today’s post? What do you think of web hosting? Sound off below!

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Web Hosting Service Providers: Who are They?

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There are a lot of web hosting service providers and finding one that can help you establish your online presence is essential if you want to take advantage of the opportunities that online businesses and marketing can bring. For those looking for reliable web hosts, having an idea of what services they offer along with the comparisons of one hosting service provider to another can help them decide whose services to go for.

web hosting service providersIn this article, we’ll be comparing and contrasting Webgator and GoDaddy as web hosting providers you may be considering. Webgator has been around since 1996 while GoDaddy was founded a year later. Both offer dedicated web hosting services that come with customer support. They also have their own website building and developing offers and packages. Webgator offers website design while GoDaddy has its own website builder. If you look at it, it might look like GoDaddy has as an edge over Webgator because their website looks much more modern compared to Webgator and their website builder has hundreds of customizable designs—all for free.

In comparing how their websites look, Webgator falls short of the modern layout that GoDaddy has. However, Webgator has managed to remain as a trusted web hosting provider because of their reasonably priced packages and other perks. What they lack in looks, they make up for in the cost of their services. Their website development is taken care of by experts to help ensure clients have fully functional websites and they offer free consultation. GoDaddy has a comprehensible website builder and it is known for customer support excellence, so in this regard, each website provider has their pros and cons. GoDaddy has that edge when you are looking for something easy to use and highly customizable.

What Webgator offers on the other hand includes web promotion services, free setup for their shared hosting, and a special offer for free website submission which entails having their client’s website submitted to 1000 search engines at no charge. They also offer creating a high-impact homepage for free for a limited period of time.

Comparing these features, it can be said that if you want to have an idea of what Webgator services are like, you can experience it for free but only for a limited period of time. On the other hand, GoDaddy offers clients a more customizable experience and other features such as a GoDaddy email, SSL certificates, and their 24/7 support. GoDaddy is also known to have over 12 million customers and over 57 million domains under their management as a testimony to their continuous efficiency.

Before choosing from these web host providers, take some time to research about their rates and other offers to see which provider would address your needs for better web hosting. You may be drawn to the features of one and yet enjoy a set of features from another, so take time to review their services.

Have you had any experience with these website hosting service providers? We’d like to hear your story!

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What are Free User-Friendly Web Hosting Service Providers?

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web hosting service providersWeb hosting has become a pertinent part of building businesses and professional profiles, especially if you aim to make your target market’s online experience as seamless as possible. Because staying within your budget is also a big part of your strategy, going for free user-friendly web hosting service providers is usually your best bet. Choosing the right web host for your business or profile, free or paid, is always a priority. Here are a few providers that still offer the best quality despite the free service:


– With over 12 million people using this platform, it is evident how effective their services are. The system is very easy to use, with over a hundred themes that you can use to fit your business’s image.


– The interesting name is part of their commitment to their users. The three zeroes stand for their promise of zero hidden costs, zero unwanted advertisements, and zero restrictions under their terms. With a track record of having a 99.9% uptime rate in the past five years or so, it is no longer a surprise that the number of users have steadily increased.


– A web host provider for over five years, Freehostia also guarantees 99.9% uptime. Their round-the-clock support team ensures that any issues are addressed right away, helping you cater to your market 24/7.


– 5GBfree does not ask for any commitment, which means that you are free to test the service and quit anytime you feel that it is not for you. This makes it the perfect platform to use for those who are still in the process of shopping around for the perfect provider that could provide their needs. With 20GB of disk space absolutely free, bundled with PHP scripting and three MySQL databases, it is definitely a package worth trying.


– FreeHosting.com features hassle-free tools that could help you organize and design your website the way you want it, without the costs that usually go with it. Other services that they offer are FTP, PHP5, PYTHON, CGI, MySQL, ROR, File Manager and CRON.


– Wix started in Tel Aviv, but its following has grown to having 30,000 new users on a daily basis, hosting over 26 million websites. With these numbers, they are definitely a provider tested for their efficiency and excellent customer support.


– If you are looking to join the .edu niche, EDUBlogs is definitely for you. Hosting over 1.6 million blogs for educators and students, their experience in the field since 2005 has proven to be a plus. With Stanford and Cornell among their clients, their services are definitely among the best.


– Webs.com makes it so easy for those without any technical background to build their own website. Their drag and drop website templates make it hassle-free to work with a design you are most comfortable with. The live chat support also ensures that you are never left without any help.

With these eight user-friendly web hosting service providers, you can start building an effective website that would help you reach out to your target market while saving you from worries about costs.

Have you tried any of these free web hosts? How did it work for you? Share your experiences in the comments!

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What are the Free Web Hosting Disadvantages?

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free web hosting disadvantagesFree web hosting is truly enticing especially because of the word “free” but it also has its downsides. Web hosting is great for startup businesses and people who would like to make their online presence felt. Establishing your name online is possible through web hosting, but you also need to remember that there are free web hosting disadvantages you should take into consideration when finding the right web hosting service provider for you.

The Most Common Free Web Hosting Disadvantages

The very first disadvantage of free web hosting is that it only has a limited amount of space for you to use. This is alright if you don’t have a lot of information to put up, or not a lot of media to share on your website, but if you are looking to make a big name for your brand, and want to create a very good website, then you may want to reconsider if it’s free web hosting you should go for.

For businesses, not having enough bandwidth usually limits progress and growth as well as the functionality of their online page. You will be limited when it comes to the number of pages, the kind of media you share, and how good your website would look like because of the limited space that free web host providers offer.

When you avail of free web hosting services, it is also most likely for you to see advertisements on your webpage. This is how free web host providers manage to earn profits – they will have the right to put ads on your page when you agree to their services. While having ads on your page is not exactly a bad thing, it’s not always a good thing either. Instead of having your online page viewers focus on what YOU offer, they might want to go somewhere else if they see ads on your page. You can do away with such distractions if you go for paid web hosting services instead that allow you to have all the control you need for your website.

Another irksome disadvantage that free web hosting has is that some have popups which tend to annoy visitors. This would discourage some people and might make them just close the browser. If you want to build rapport with your clients, giving them a satisfactory web experience will pay off for you. Investing a bit on your web hosting will help you achieve this trick.

Should You Avoid Free Web Hosting Altogether?

These disadvantages may be irksome, but if you are just starting out and have little to no budget for a website just yet, then give free web hosting a go. You can learn how to manage your website, have a feel of what using a website for your business is like, and begin establishing your online presence while you wait for better opportunities to show the world you are there. You may have to deal with these little disadvantages, but having some patience can turn these disadvantages into a good training ground for you.

Have you tried free web hostingservices? We’d love to hear about your experiences, comment down below!

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What to Consider in Choosing the Right Web Host

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choosing the right web host If you would like to make yourself or your business known to the world, you can do so in the modern way by establishing an online presence. Before you can do this, however, choosing the right web host is a must. There are many web hosting companies out there, but how do you know which one would be the best for you?

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Web Host

Here are some basic guidelines if you have decided to establish your presence online and find yourself in need of a good web host service provider:

Web space offered – You must have an idea of how much you are going to put on your website, and if you have expansion plans, going for a web host provider that has more web space for you would be good. Talk to them about what kind of files you plan on using to have an estimate of just how much web space you will be in need of. You should also be wary of those who have file size or file type restrictions, because some web hosts only allow certain file sizes or file types which would restrict the contents of your website.

Deals or packages – Depending on the size of your intended website, you should go for quality services that come at reasonable rates. There are free web hosting companies which offer good services, and there are also paid web hosts which can give you more features depending on how much you are willing to pay. Compare the rates of different web hosts as well as the features they offer and decide which one would suit your needs best.

Reliability and ease of access – You will benefit from reading reviews about how reliable your prospective web host provider is. Reliability refers to how often the web host has technical issues which could lead to your site being inaccessible. If you hear good testimonials about the web host provider, that’s a good sign that they won’t leave you hanging. If, however, you read several reviews which speak of having the website down for long stretches of time or repeatedly over the course of a few days, you may want to reconsider.

Bandwidth limit – Many free web host service providers have bandwidth limit, and this affects how your website performs in terms of rankings because this bandwidth limit gets in the way of traffic and of how many people are allowed to use your website on a daily or monthly basis. For those who are just starting to establish their business online, 1-3GB traffic for a whole month is usually enough.

Technical support – In line with the reliability of a website, your web host must also have great technical support should you ever encounter troubles with maintaining your site or if you have other issues while using it. Those who are accessible 24/7 show dependability and in the end, this can also help speed up your online success by providing you with troubleshooting steps at any time of the day.

Have you had experiences in dealing with different web host service providers? We’d like to hear how it was for you!

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How to Avoid Bad Web Hosting Companies

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web hosting companies Choosing from a long list of web hosting companies could be pretty hard, especially if you know how much is at stake. Making the wrong choice could affect your business in more ways than one and could create a series of other problems that would be hard to contain.

Instead of waiting until the very end before doing some damage control, might as well watch out for the red flags from the onset and save yourself from the hassle it would eventually cause. Here are a few signs that could tell you which web hosting companies are bad news:

Is your website taking forever to load? Chances are, the host server does not have enough bandwidth to accommodate everything in the system. Some web hosts are able to offer their services at a fraction of the usual price because you are paying for hosting services that are shared across different users. Be wiser. Don’t let your customers wait.

Are you having too much downtime? What’s worse than making your customers wait is having your customer wait for nothing. Downtime is normal and should be part of your expectation. Having too much of it, however, will only cause you to lose money and customers. The moment your website’s downtime becomes unacceptable, step back, turn around and look for another provider.

Does your web host disappear when you start having problems? Some web hosts give the commitment of having 24/7 customer support but are unable to follow through once you enter into the agreement. Some of them could have somebody at the other end of the line, but would end up frustrating you all the more because of their inability to answer your questions. Avoid further frustration. If you have questions that are left unanswered, find someone else who will answer them for you.

Does your website seem open to security breach? Especially if sales play a huge part of your website, your customers expect a certain level of security if they intend to give you some of their information. The first thing that your web host should be able to do is to secure your website and make sure you are breach-free. If your web host is not concerned about your security, then they are not concerned about keeping you as a customer.

Did you lose data? Data loss is one of the most frustrating things that could happen especially in a business. Every single piece of data is essential, and any loss could sometimes lead to loss of business as well. Make sure your provider cares enough about your data to ensure a foolproof backup system.

All web hosting companies have their faults, but the gravity of these faults is what makes the biggest difference. Save your business from the hassle of having to recover from losses caused by a bad web hosting provider. Know how to point out the bad seed right from the onset and avoid having to deal with bigger problems that they could bring.

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