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What are the Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting?

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disadvantages of free web hosting

Free web hosts are great if you would like to save money while putting up a website. This can help you and your business establish that online presence you will need to help your business grow. A lot of startup businesses initially rely on free web hosting to put up their online page. However, as appealing as free web hosting websites can be, business owners also run the risk of having inactive or nonexistent pages when these very same free web host providers can no longer operate the business.

One of the disadvantages of free web hosting is that the web hosting provider may be out of business in the blink of an eye. There may be varied reasons for such an occurrence, but the simple truth is that this is the greatest disadvantage of free web hosting. This is an especially hard thing to deal with especially if the website has already been established! Web host providers would usually send out notices to their clients if their business is closing. In the unfortunate event that you suddenly see your page missing, there may be little you can do to recover your information. In order to avoid the fiasco of losing your entire website, there are some things you can do:

Migration services

– You ought to find a web hosting provider which offers complete migration services from your existing website to the new one which they will host. This can be done when you receive a notice saying that your current web host provider will no longer be able to provide services. With migration services, you can save most, if not all of the information on your current website and rebuild it so that it can retain the look and feel of your past website while you move to the new webhost provider.

Backup media

– You can do this from your end as the website owner. If you uploaded photos, videos, music, and similar files to your website, you ought to have your own copy of these files and not depend on their presence on your new website. Save them in an external hard drive or perhaps a reliable cloud service provider and you can re-upload them to your new chosen webhosting provider.

Copy codes

– This applies for any widgets you are using, and pretty much all of the HTML information you used to setup your website. When you can, copy the codes and for whatever they are worth, you can manage to salvage some of the similar formatting of your old website to your new one when you have the codes with you.

Archive information

– If you have a way to do so, regularly request for archived information. This may cover all of the email correspondences made through the website along with other activities like ecommerce transactions. It is a great precaution from your end to have these records which are related to your business.

You can avoid these disadvantages of free web hosting when you know how to take on these precautions and protect your business from data and website loss!

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