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What is the Truth Behind Unlimited Online Storage?

Browsing around for unlimited online storage options will show you a huge number of choices. Each of them will talk about security. Some of them will be competitive in terms of price. Quite a few will brag about their collaborative features. But if there’s one thing that attracts the most people, it’s the claim of “unlimited” storage.

Do these unlimited online storage services really live up to that claim?

What Unlimited Really Means

The truth is, the term “unlimited” is only an appealing illusion. An individual user utilizing online storage for personal purposes won’t need terabytes of space. But he is given enough gigabytes to enjoy the feeling of having more than enough space to store his data.

This is why businesses that store terabytes of data still prefer the paid services that offer a huge amount of storage space. This gives them a better picture of how much space they really have.

How It All Works

How can these online backup services afford to give so much to some people, and so little to others? It’s actually simple. Online storage service providers already have a pretty good idea of how many of their users won’t really be able to maximize their “unlimited” offer. While this huge percentage enjoys what seems to be limitless storage, the rest of their bandwidth is given to subscribers who require terabytes of space.

Is Unlimited Service Worth It?

In reality, unlimited storage services are still worth it, especially if you only plan on using it for personal purposes. It’s all about knowing what you need. This would, of course, not be a good choice if you own a business that stores huge files. But if you have a good idea of the little space that you have, then an unlimited offer could be the best solution for your needs.

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