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What are the Top Features of a Topnotch Online Backup Solution?

When it comes to online backup solutions, you have to make sure that you get your money’s worth. With so many features dumped into a single package, how do you know which ones are the best for you?

Here is an overview of the features you need to look for when signing up for an online backup service:

1. Unlimited Storage

You may feel that it’s too much for you, but a lot of people have discovered that even when a terabyte seems overwhelming at the start, they fill it up so fast, they don’t even know what hit them. Better stay on the safe side and get unlimited storage.

2. Clients

Your chosen online backup solution may have a web client, a Windows client, and a Mac client. But do they have a Windows phone client? An iOS client? A Linux client? Nowadays, people have so many gadgets to use, which also means that they need to back up their files from all these different locations. So before you sign up for a backup provider, consider what clients their system works with first.

3. File Sharing

One of the beauties of online backup is the ability to seamlessly share files with other people. Without this feature, you would have to find other ways to share files with the rest of your team, which means going back to traditional methods that are slower and less convenient.

4. Folder Syncing

Imagine changing a single file, and having all other versions of that file in other computers and gadgets getting updated as well. That’s the beauty of a topnotch backup solution. It makes collaboration a whole lot easier, and makes sure that every member of the team sees every update there is in a timely manner.

There are so many features that could come with a backup plan, but these are the ones that would make a specific plan topnotch.