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What Online Backup Plan is the Best for 2015?

Keeping your documents safe is paramount since disasters happen every day. When your computer is destroyed or stolen, it is critical that you have a Plan B where you can recover all your important files. This is the reason why online storage service is a must-have for every gadget user. Deciding on your storage service need not be a task though. If you’re looking for a quality online backup plan, here are the five of the best services for 2015.

online backup plan


  • Simplicity of Use: Quick and easy
  • From: Main website or service application
  • Cost: Unlimited service for $6 every month

CrashPlan delivers all the benefits you want in an online backup service. This includes excellent value, quick installation and uncomplicated data restoration. Your files are constantly stored, and erased documents are kept indefinitely. The service works as a dual conventional app and a menu-bar service. The app enables you to choose documents, keep track of your backup, recover files and modify settings. The menu-bar service offers a peek at your stored status. The latter can also effortlessly start the entire application straight from the menu.


  • Simplicity of Use: Fast and simple
  • From: Blackblaze main website
  • Cost: Unlimited service for $5 every month

The Backblaze app is one of the most formidable contenders in the market of online backup service. The service is compact and delivers all the benefits you want in a cloud service. It is also the most economical choice on the market for limitless online backup plan storage for a computer which includes backups for hard drives.


  • Simplicity: Fast and easy
  • From: iDrive main website and app
  • Cost: $45 every year for 1 TB

The iDrive service is the last remaining online storage provider that continues to charge based on the volume of saving space used instead of billing a set fee for unrestricted space. The portable app – designed for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone – functions slightly in a different way than the apps of other cloud service providers. Along with enabling users to recover and share stored files, you may save the contents of your smartphone to your iDrive account. Once this is enabled, the app will instantly add new media files, calendar events and phone contacts to your account.

Acronis Cloud Backup

  • Simplicity: Easy
  • From: Acronis website
  • Cost: $100 every year ($8.33 per month) for unlimited storage

The Acronis mobile application is practical and conventional. It provides all the functions needed to store and save documents and files. However, unlike the Backblaze mobile app, there is no size limitation on the file downloads.


  • Simplicity: Easy
  • From: Carbonite main website and app
  • Cost: $60 every year for unlimited space

The Carbonite app is much more similar to an FTP program when compared to its competitors, as it allows you to look through every document on your PC regardless if the file is selected for backup or otherwise. The app features a small icon adjacent to every document that signifies the status of the files (ex. Backed Up or Recoverable).

What online backup plan do you use? Share your cloud service stories below.