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How to Prevent Spam in Your Email

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how to prevent spam in your emailIf there is one thing people hate, it is SPAM. No, this is not the meat that you find in the can—it is that unsolicited and downright annoying thing you get in your email sometimes. No one wants spam and everyone takes great pains to avoid them. Yet it still seems that no matter how many spam blockers are set up and no matter how many websites are avoided, it still seems like emails get spam each and every week. If you have just registered a new email address, you will not yet get spam but give at a few weeks and it is very important for you to know how to prevent spam in your email so you never have to open it and see 1000+ emails waiting for you.

How Do They Get Sent?

Those spam emails you get do not come from thin air and they are not random. After all, no one just magically decides to choose your email address for spam mail. Those spam emails are sent by spammers and there are several ways they do that. They are listed below:

Illegal lists –

This is the practice of buying email addresses from websites and though it is highly illegal, you will be surprises at how common it really is. What happens here is that dishonest employees will sometimes sell information and email addresses that they find in their servers at work. You may expect this to happen in the black market but it also happens in places like eBay. Sometimes, hackers will go into the servers and steal addresses that they will sell to spammers.

Harvesting programs –

Harvesting programs are also called “crawl scrape” programs and they are alarmingly common. Any text in the internet that contains the “@” character are easy prey for these programs and they are so efficient that they can harvest thousands of addresses in just an hour. These are robots and they work tirelessly so you can imagine how many addresses they can accumulate within a day.

Dictionary programs –

These programs are also known as brute force programs and they are the 3rd way by which spammers get their hands on your email addresses. These programs are a lot like hacker programs in the sense that they will come up with alphabetic or numeric combinations of email addresses. Many of their guesses will be incorrect but they go through hundreds and thousands of address guesses in a day and they do hit the jackpot from time to time.

How Will You Prevent Spam in Your Email?

When faced with such tactics, you may think the fight against spam is futile but it really is not. One way to prevent spam in your mail is to use an email address encoding tool. You may also make use of obfuscation to hide your email address. Another thing you can do is to avoid signing up for newsletters that come from sites you do not know.

Do you receive spam regularly? What do you do to get rid of them? Share your experience below!

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Email Protection: What You Need to Know Now

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ID-100178917Business owners have three types of emails.

1. Spam

2. Important

3. Nonsense

Spam emails are often filtered from inboxes because they harbor viruses. As soon as you open the email, a virus downloads onto your computer, which could corrupt your hard drive causing you to lose data. These emails are, of course, not important. They are best deleted as soon as possible.

Important emails are those that you need to hold on to as long as possible in case something was to happen. For example, a client states that he requested a certain service or product, but he didn’t. These emails are evidence, so they need to be held onto in a special folder.

Nonsense emails don’t carry any value, but they aren’t harmful like spam emails. You may hold onto them, but they mostly take up room on your server or hard drive.

Why You Should Know the Difference

At this point, you may be wondering why we’re telling you this, and it’s because knowing the difference can help you realize how important email archiving and filtering is for your business.

Spam emails are dangerous to your computer, so with email filtering or security, you can block those emails from causing harm. They are automatically deleted, so they don’t ever infiltrate your computer.

Nonsense emails shouldn’t be saved because you don’t need them, but important emails should be archived on a server. This is because if something were to happen to your hard drive, you can easily retrieve all of your important emails from the server. It ensures peace of mind!

Email Security and Archiving

Surprisingly enough, many people have no idea that there are services that filter and archive emails. It’s a convenient service to have because it’s automatic. With intelligent technology, the software knows what is spam. To archive important emails, you select the folder to archive, and everything saves automatically.

Take control of your email today by choosing email security and archiving. It will help you keep your computer safe, and protect your emails for those times when you need prove yourself right.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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