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What are Small Web Hosting Companies to Watch Out For?

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web hosting companies This day and age, web hosting companies are enjoying a burgeoning popularity for the reason that more and more people and businesses are putting up their own websites. Without web hosting companies, no way would these websites find their way into the World Wide Web and this is why people and businesses need them so. When you check out the Internet and look for a web hosting company, you will notice that there are some web hosting companies that are more popular and more established. These are the bigger website hosting companies such as Dreamhost, Hostgator etc. and they are very good web hosting companies to be sure and have some really good plans. In fact, tons of people and businesses use their services. However, if you think you can do with something newer, you may always check out the smaller companies that are just starting out and see how they will work for you and your budget.

Small Web Hosting Companies to Watch Out For

Below are some web hosting companies that are small yet powerful and are making a name for themselves online. Take note that not all web hosting companies are made the same way and you really do need to be careful about the company you choose. The ones listed here have already started showing what they are made of and are worthy of attention.

DigitalOcean – This is a web hosting company that is shaking up the Internet to be sure. This is one company that knows what proper web hosting is all about and offers their subscribers the very best services and features. The company started out back in 2012 so they are just three years old but even then they had a mission and that was to bring simple cloud hosting to developers. To suggest that this startup would become a real challenge to more established webhosting companies such as Rackspace and Amazon was a bit ridiculous but that is exactly what is happening. They like to say they offer the perfect blend of price, performance, and simplicity to boot.

Flywheel – This company is even younger than DigitalOcean since it was started just two years ago. What makes this company stand out is that they have a goal and that is to help in the improvement of millions of web designers and developers’ lives worldwide and make it easier for them to build websites using the WP platform. There are thousands of designers from all over the world that use Flywheel to launch beautiful websites for their clients using the WordPress platform. Doing business with Flywheel feels a lot like being part of their family.

These are just a couple of some great new web hosting sites that are gaining visibility on a global scale. Sure, they are much younger and smaller than some of the more established companies but this doesn’t mean they are no good. For those looking to launch their own sites and are in need of a webhost, do you think you will consider these two? Share your thoughts below.


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