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What Makes Backup Online Services Safe?

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It makes sense why people keep on questioning the security of backup online services. After all, it’s their personal data that are at stake. If you have concerns about backing up your files online, read on.

How Providers Keep Your Data Safe

Additional Safety

When your files are stored locally, the risk of losing them is high. Think about fire and flooding. Imagine coffee spills on your hard drive. If you have no backup, you’ll lose your data forever. Storing your files online gives you extra security. Since the storage is in a remote location, no disaster near you can destroy them.

Encryption Technology

Thanks to encryption technology, you don’t have to worry about your data. The best backup online services offer up to 256-bit encryption. This means hacking your files is next to impossible.

Some providers even offer server-side encryption backup. In layman’s terms, that’s double protection. Server-side also saves you disk space. This means bigger storage capacity. Thus, you get your money’s worth.

Physical Security

The top online backup providers have topnotch physical security. Their buildings are guarded 24/7. They have intricate locks and complex access codes. They also have surveillance systems. This means the already-secure files have their own “security team.”

Choosing Safety Backup Online Services

So how can you choose the provider with the best security details?

* Check the provider’s reputation. Look for customer feedback and reviews.

* Ask questions. Communicate with the provider. Ask as many security questions as you deem necessary.

* Try the free trial. The best way to find out about the backup online services of the provider is to experience them firsthand.

* Ask for recommendations. Online storage is already a norm these days. Ask for backup recommendations from people you trust.

Having security concerns is normal. But with these details, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your provider’s got this. It’s handled.

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A Great Alternative to Storing Your Files: Benefits of Cloud Storage

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benefits of cloud storage It has to be said that the influx of technology people have today make their lives easier. One type of technology that is getting the buzz it so  rightly deserves has to be cloud storage.  It is the kind of technology that has allowed for even greater mobility in the lives of people that use it and for business, it has afforded them the chance to work better, faster, and more cheaper.

Indeed, the number of  benefits of cloud storage has brought about is quite impressive but if you happen to be a first time user of the cloud you may want to know  its most important benefits. Check out the top benefits of cloud storage below and make sure that you make use of them appropriately.

It allows for automatic synchronization of files – If you have ever lost a file or got your data deleted after hours of work, you know very well the kind of frustration that comes about. However, if you work with data that you save on the cloud, there is no need to worry about losing files in case of blackouts or internet interruptions because your file gets synched even as you work on it. According to Acronis, 75% of organizations experiences tape failure in 2013 and lost massive amounts of data. On the other hand, the chances of that happening to cloud storage are quite tiny.

Read-only settings – Sometimes when you have massive numbers of people sharing files on the cloud, chances are high that your documents can become tampered with and incorrect. However, cloud storage services usually have read-only options so that people who need to see information can access the files but they cannot touch the data contained within.

Space that grows with you – Those hard drives of yours might have come in handy but what happened when they ran out of space? You went out and bought a new one and thus added to the ones you have in your storage space. What is nice about the cloud is that it can become  big or small as you need it to be. This is a very welcome benefit of cloud storage especially for small businesses that are looking to expand their operations.

Security – Anyone can get their hands on those hard-drives of yours and access the information in them. The same cannot be said of the cloud. The main objective of cloud storage is to hold all your precious data and keep it secure at all costs. Only the people who have access to the cloud accounts can and check out files.

With all these benefits, it is not surprising that the number of people that are getting their heads in the cloud is growing. According to TheCloudInfographic close to 180 million people are now using the cloud and that number will just keep on growing as more and more companies get on the cloud. As cloud technology gets better and better it pays to watch out for other benefits that it can bring about.

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How Secure Is TAPNET Online Storage?

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One of the biggest fears people have about using online storage is that it’s not safe. They worry their information will be collected by hackers and used to steal identities or to bother clients with unwanted mail or phone calls. It can be quite scary to decide to have a company hold on to all of your sensitive information.

At TAPNET, we want you to know we take security seriously. We know you are trusting us to make sure all of the information you upload to our servers is protected. That’s why we only use the latest security measures for our servers. We are constantly updating and upgrading, so we stay one step ahead of hackers.

The Nitty Gritty of Our Security

When we say we have secure servers, we are saying we have military grade security. Yes, we use 256-Bit military grade encryption. Now, if the military uses it, you know it has to be secure.

When you send the server information, it is encrypted, which means it’s coded. This coding happens in the software that’s on your computer. So, just as the information is secure on your computer, it is carried over to our server just as securely with the encryption.

What This All Means

Let’s put it this way. The last time a code was hacked, which means the encryption was decoded and the hacker could see what the information was, happened because a computer typed in 92 billion keys each second. While this seems as though it’s a lot, AES is much faster. It’s 2,128 faster. Going from 92 to 2,128 is a lot and just about impossible. Computers would have to run a million times faster if they were to figure that out, and they would need about 65 trillion years. We don’t believe any current users of our servers will ever see that happen. What about you?

There’s no doubt we have the best security measures installed on our servers. It’s our commitment to our clients and to you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you with an online backup system that is dependable, fast, and 100% secure.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: carlosluz

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The Security of Cloud Based Storage

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When all of your data is on your hard drive, you have the security of knowing it’s right there inside of your computer. You don’t have to worry about it being seen as it crosses the information highway, and you don’t need to be concerned with someone finding out your password. The only thing you have to be concerned about is losing every single file that’s on your hard drive. Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? It’s alID-100164515most as scary as having someone hack into your files to steal personal information. The good news is that there is a solution!

Cloud based storage is much more safe than you probably imagine. Just because you have to send your data to the cloud doesn’t mean every hacker in the world is going to be able to see it. Actually, no hacker will ever be able to see it, unless you give away your password. We’ll discuss that in a minute.

The way that your data is sent off into the clouds is through a security measure called encryption. Encryption is a complex algorithm that encodes information. The only way hackers are ever going to see the encryption is if they have a special key to translate it. Most hackers don’t have the key, and to get the key, they need super powered computer processors. In addition, many hackers are more interested in getting into the main cloud storage system rather than into users’ folders. There’s more damaging information that has nothing to do with you in the heart of the cloud.

With your information safely making its way to the cloud, you may be thinking about your password. If a hacker gets your password, he or she can easily sign into your cloud storage account and steal all of your information. True, but it’s not likely. User names and password go through an authentication process, which means they must be verified by proving information that you are who you say you are when you set up a cloud storage system. This keeps hackers off the system.

The authorization feature for sharing folders concerns many people considering cloud based storage. The good news is that the features are so advanced that users can choose who can see what on the cloud. For example, if you have an employee that just needs to work with XYZ folder, you can just authorize that folder. For anyone that needs authorization for all folders, you can set that up. The employee is not able to see anything but the folder he or she has authorization.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Never, ever, give away your password to anyone. The authorization feature enables you to share information on the cloud securely. Sharing your password sets you up to show everyone and anyone all of your information. Trust no one.

Always check the URL of the cloud based storage system you use. It should start with HTTPS instead of just HTTP. The ‘S’ means that the site is secure, or information sent to and from is encrypted.

Always remember that the government can seize information from cloud-based storage of any user with a subpoena.

So now you know that cloud based storage is secure, and you know that if you continue to use your hard drive for storage, you may end up losing all of your information. It sees clear what the next step should be – start using cloud based storage before you end up having nothing to store because of a computer crash.

Image courtesy of Feelart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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