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Cloud Computing Security Measures

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cloud computing security issues and challenges

Today, modern technology has allowed storage solutions even outside business premises. This is possible through the cloud technology. The “cloud” is the virtual storage system which serves as the backup of businesses in case hardware damage, accidents, or other unexpected mishaps happen to important business files. It helps promote business continuity while helping business owners feel reassured that their important business-related files are taken care of. While there are several layers of security to assure nothing goes wrong with files in the cloud, there are still cloud computing security issues and challenges which service providers and clients face.

Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges

Some business owners may be hesitant about going for cloud storage services because they can’t actually see where the information they need is stored. Since cloud storage technologies offer services which use remote locations for hosting, there are some security concerns about files especially when they are crucial for the productivity and operations of the business. Some of the most common concerns are:

Privacy – Especially when there are sensitive business-related information or files, business owners would not want to immediately hand over their records to a service provider. There are, however, ways to address this concern especially through authentication as well as authorization where only individuals who have access to usernames, passwords, and the needed authorization can access sensitive information.

Recovery – While most of the time businesses use cloud storage as a backup, what will happen when something unfortunate happens to the servers or hardware which the actual service provider uses? This is another concern which is usually asked by clients. On this note, service providers provide layers of virtual as well as other physical protection for files in the cloud. Should something ever happen, recovery systems are also kept up to date to maintain business continuity.

Accessibility – With the ever changing technological features which allow for more connectivity, being able to access updated files is another concern. Good service providers offer functional syncing services to help assure all updates from the clients are noted while simultaneously allowing them to access needed files easily whenever changes need to be made or when files need to be viewed for reference purposes.

Data protection – Security for cloud technology has tangible factors, but a lot of them rely on software and technology. Whenever information is uploaded and retrieved from the cloud, they are being encrypted to help ensure that they do not get exposed should they ever land in the wrong hands. However, a concern is the long-time resiliency of the cloud encryption system being used by the cloud service provider. Having adaptable features allows for more safety and reassurance especially on the part of clients.

Because of these issues and challenges that cloud computing poses, there are doubts concerning security. However, it must also be credited that today’s IT systems and cloud service providers have been able to successfully provide cloud storage and technology to thousands of business while providing efficiency and more affordable storage options. Despite these concerns which are being consistently addressed, there are still several advantages which are truly worth noticing about cloud technology.

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