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Why Use Online Backup to Save and Store Email?

The one thing constant in the lives of Netizens (or even those who rarely go online these days) is electronic mail. Practically everyone who uses the internet owns at least one email account. Owning one can either be a necessity or a whim, but its importance cannot be diminished.

People get easily agitated when they check their email inbox and they couldn’t access it. People worry when nothing’s popping up when they’re expecting to receive something in the mail. People panic when they couldn’t find important messages they know are in their folders somewhere.

Case in point, the anxiety that about 40,000 Gmail users felt when Google’s mail server suffered a temporary glitch and showed an empty inbox to its users. For a few moments there, everyone in that 0.02% must have had “online backup” or any other backup options in their panic-stricken bubble thoughts.

Secure Emails through Online Backup

People put a lot of themselves (personal and professional) in their virtual mailboxes. Who wouldn’t when, year after year, thousands of emails are being stored online? But with unfortunate glitches that can cause havoc in email servers, you shouldn’t be without a backup plan.

There are a few ways to securely backup your electronic mails. One effective mode is to the use the cloud as an online backup. But why should it be considered for email? Why choose to backup online to secure virtual messages? Wouldn’t it be more prudent to use an external hard drive instead?

Whether you have important documents or funny love notes in your email inbox, having a backup plan is a necessity. Online backup is an easy and straightforward choice. Here’s why this plan works:

1. Email hacking happens. Even if you’re the most cautious email account owner, you can get hacked. When this happens and there is no way to ever access your email account again, the online backup will prove to be worth the effort you have put into it.

2. Clumsiness or carelessness in the maintenance of email folders can sometimes lead to accidental deletions of important messages. A backup copy of these deleted messages off-site may come in handy.

3. Email server downtime can happen at the most crucial time of your life (like during a very important presentation or meeting). This situation is stressful, especially if the downtime seems to last forever and you are stuck in the void, feeling hopeless. An online backup can be your savior.

Emails have already been embedded in our lives, with most things – from bills to personal documents – sent through this medium. Online accounts or login details, personal and business contacts, and possibly gigabytes of business information are stored in email accounts and losing access to them is really frightening.

There may not seem to be an immediate call to back up as most internet users take this process for granted. But when the unexpected rolls in and you are caught off-guard with very little in your hands to protect you, you will thank the cloud if you’ve managed to keep copies of your emails out there using online backup.