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What Salesforce Communities Can Bring to Your Brand

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Salesforce brings their service to a whole new level as they incorporate big data analytics into their CRM. Through the new Community Cloud, users can have an experience similar to what LinkedIn does – they can create communities for their companies, but only for their own partners, customers, employees, and other people who are important to their network.

Salesforce Communities

How does Salesforce Communities benefit its users?

Time-Saving. Salesforce Communities gives you a melting pot that connects all the people who play a huge role in your business. This means that you save time as community members are able to interact, ask questions, and find the answers they need without having to go through a tedious route. Their access to your knowledge base would also allow you to make resource-sharing more efficient.

Practical. There is a huge chance that questions being coursed through your customer service hotline are simple ones that can be saved into a single knowledge base. Through the community, you can give your loyal clients access to this database and save up on costs that go towards maintaining a huge customer service team.

Brainstorming. With a number of different minds meeting together in a single community, it is finally easier to collaborate and come up with awesome ideas that could change your products forever. You can get ideas not only from your own team, but from suppliers, business partners, and even customers, allowing you to explore opportunities that your team may not have considered before.

Loyalty. Because you have a chance to connect with every single customer through Salesforce Communities, this also means that you can strengthen their loyalty to your brand by making them feel that their voices have a venue to be heard. Remember that it’s one thing to get them to buy your product for the first time, but it’s an entirely different process to make them loyal and keep them coming back for more.

Based on research done by the Salesforce team, digital communities have the ability to resolve problems 48% faster than the traditional routes, and could help increase employee engagement by 48% as well. Sales can also increase by up to 43%, and 45% of customers are also more satisfied when they become part of the brand’s community.

Salesforce Communities comes with number of different features that would prove to be very beneficial for any kind of business.

Targeted Recommendations. This allows community managers to bring content straight to specific groups or individuals.

Lightning Community Builder and Templates. This lets you personalize your communities and add distinct branding to it without having to ask for the help of a graphic designer or a web developer.

Salesforce Connect. You can now share any of your files stored and created on your Google Drive to any of your community members.

With Salesforce Communities, the brand has definitely become more than just a regular CRM. And with Salesforce’s recent partnership with Microsoft, there would definitely be more announcements of bigger features and functions in the near future.

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