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What are the Different Kinds of Online Backup Solutions?

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If you’re backing up your files but fail to save them off-site, then you’re putting your data at risk. If anything bad happens to your electronics, all that data will most likely be lost. This is one reason why the online market is swarming with online backup solutions. Saving and storing your data with the help of a backup provider ensures that your data will be safe from harm, deliberate or otherwise.

An online backup solution is called by different names. Depending on its benefits, an online backup solution can also be identified as a:

* Remote backup service

* Managed backup service

* Cloud backup service

All these solutions provide the same general service – that is to store, back up, and secure the data of its users. Such backup service is cloud computing. The backup systems of these services are commonly built around a user software application that runs on a pre-arranged schedule. The scan is typically done once a day, usually at night when the machine is not in use. The central program of these services collects, encrypts, and transfers the documents to an off-site backup server.

The New Breed of Online Backup Solutions

Apart from the abovementioned remote backup solutions normally used by internet users, two more kinds of backup services are making names for themselves.

* Enterprise-class backup solution – This is commonly associated with cloud backup services. It is a solution that incorporates on-premises caching to alleviate or lessen any problems caused by a lousy internet connection.

* Hybrid backup solution– This is a method used to combine local backup and remote backup. The former is for a faster backup and restoration solution. The latter is for protection against local calamities.

They may be called by different names and prioritize different service characteristics, but all these services do one thing great – that is to help you protect your online data at all times.

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