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Recent Trends in Cloud Computing

 recent trends in cloud computingNo one can deny that 2013 saw the cloud dominating the internet and businesses but what else does the cloud have to offer and where is it going? If you use the cloud and you follow its development avidly, you will want to know what the latest trends and developments are being observed and predicted for the cloud. It pays to stay up to date especially with a technology like cloud computing that is growing by leaps and bounds.

While cloud technology is continuously adopted in all its forms it is also adapting to the changing needs of users and providers. While businesses and organizations strive to look for a long-term plan to meld the cloud and their internal systems, cloud providers continue their quest to offer the best benefits in the form of application services and data analytics to help level the playing field for SMBs

Recent Trends in Cloud Computing

The rise of the hybrid cloud – Cloud computing really has gone mainstream and it seems that most organizations and businesses have a hard time deciding on just one type of cloud service. In a report from Itproportal, most businesses turn to different cloud service providers to help them meet their businesses needs and demands. This means they take advantage of public and private clouds. Admittedly, this amount of sprawl has led to some concerns about businesses and their ability to keep an eye on their resources and maintain a firm hold on the clouds they are using. While it does look like most companies will not be switching to just one cloud service to meet all their needs anytime soon, the increase of hybrid cloud options should help streamline the mix of public and private clouds. It has to be said that the recent trend in providers melding private and public clouds should make it easier for cloud users in the near future.

Big data analytics – If there is one subject that is competing with the cloud for tech news headlines, it has to be big data. However, many businesses and providers are starting to see that combining the two is a better idea. It does look like big data as a service is the best option when it comes to businesses since it is scalable but cloud providers are overcoming technical hindrances to combine the two.

SMB application security and protection – It is not news that cloud computing provides massive advantages for SMBs and it is sure that providers are looking for ways to level the playing field. While most SMBs do not have the funds for a full-scale application testing program or tools to check for safety the cloud makes it easy and affordable for them. This new technology helps businesses scan their source codes on web apps for changes so they can detect cyber-attacks.

These recent trends in cloud computing are proving to be very exciting. It is wonderful to see just how the cloud is being put to use and how it is evolving. Indeed, 2014 should prove to be a very exciting year for cloud users and providers.