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What are the Pros and Cons of Online Backup Services?

pros and cons of online backup servicesThe pros and cons of online backup services serve as your guidelines in making smart decisions about securing your computer files. There are a variety of misguided beliefs about online backup and storage services, particularly when people consider security and backup speed in the scenario. Certainly, there are always drawbacks when using online backup services. However, the advantages you get from this service isn’t something you can shrug off or easily dismiss. Here are the major pros and cons of online backup services. See for yourself which side outweighs the other.


Automatic backup.

Most online backup services will do your backup automatically, except if you made a manual configuration. Online backup services offer a range of features and scheduling features. Therefore, you no longer need to buy any sort of backup equipment or hardware like CDs, SD cards, or USB drives to do the manual updates.

Easy file access.

Online backup is also known as cloud backup and because of its nature all your files are “in the cloud.” Generally, this means you can access your files from anyplace as long as there’s an internet connection available. Majority of online backup services also comes with mobile access to your files. A number actually have a native iOS or Android application, and some only have a mobile web interface for easier accessibility.

Off-site storage.

One of the main benefits of using an online storage service is that your files are being kept and secured off-site. This means that even if you become a victim of natural calamities, theft or other types of data loss, your files are still protected. You can also view this advantage from a business standpoint. Off-site storage means lesser office expenses since the business doesn’t need to shell out money for multiple physical storage spaces.


Time-consuming installation.

The initial process of online backup can be done as quickly as a couple of hours or as long as several weeks or even months until every single file is uploaded. Numerous factors can come up and can impact your online backup speed and you are likely to have a slow internet connection or bandwidth restrictions. To avoid this, it’s imperative that you first do a local external hard drive backup so you can still have a working backup copy and don’t need to wait for the online data backup to finish.

Susceptibility to Attack.

Storing files online can make you or your business susceptible to external hack attacks. As you know, nothing on the internet is 100% secured and so there’s always the possibility of threats to your sensitive data. You need to choose a provider that has a strong and proven record against hack attacks and similar incidents.

Loss of overall control.

Once you upload and backup your files online, you’re no longer in full control of your data. There can be security concerns involved, like other people looking at your files or your documents may be compromised in another way. This can be avoided if you choose a provider that guarantees this won’t ever happen to your files.

Depending on the chances you’re willing to take, overall online backup service is a good deal. With the aforementioned lists of pros and cons of online backup services, do you think the benefits of online backup outweigh its downsides?