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How Serious is Email Hacking?

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how serious is email hacking

In this time and age where majority of personal and business communication is digital, maintaining an email account is very important. It’s a private and convenient form of communication. No wonder why email hacking is prevalent. Hackers target emails for a variety of reasons – some do it for identity theft and some do it for petty reasons such as boredom. But how serious is email hacking? And what can you do if you become a victim?

Why Hack Your Email?

Reused password.

One of the main reasons hackers attack an email is to gain access to your password. Think of it this way. What are the chances that your Ymail and Gmail passwords being the same? Most likely, they’re identical. Or, at least, the majority of the characters are the same. When someone successfully hacks your email account, the opportunity of gaining access to your financial and social accounts wouldn’t be a hardship anymore. That’s why it’s important to have different passwords for your online accounts.

Identity Theft.

Gaining access to your email is gaining access to your privacy. The hacker can easily send correspondence to your loved ones and colleagues. This gets worse if your email account is for business because the hacker can fool your customers to either ask for money or destroy your business’ reputation.

Spread virus.

However short or long your contact list is, an email hacker doesn’t really care, as long as he or she can spread malicious malware or virus. It’s like a domino effect. You get hacked, you spread virus to your contacts.

What to Do Next?

If you become a victim of email hacking, you can:

Change the password.

If the hacker forgot or didn’t have enough time to change your password, you can get your account back by changing it yourself. Make it a lot stronger, complex and unfamiliar. Stay away from personal details and preferences that the hacker can clue-in from your other online accounts.

Report the incident ASAP

. Don’t dwell on your despair. Instead use the emotion to fire you up and report the hacking to your email provider the soonest possible time. And make sure to log out of your other accounts. If you can multitask, change all your passwords. Jot them down on a piece of paper (and not online) for added security.

Your email provider tech group has a lot of experience handling email hacks. Email support has the tools and resources to recapture your account. So by reporting the hacking fast, you give yourself a backup.

Notify the people on your contact list.

Tell them that your account has been compromised and any correspondence from your email address should be automatically deleted. This will prevent them from becoming a victim, too.

Immediately scan your PC for virus or malware.

Email hacking usually comes up with malicious bugs or Trojan that can target your entire operating system. By scanning your computer, you’re taking a proactive approach in ensuring that other files, documents and applications are safe.

Email hacking is a serious offense. If proven guilty, hackers can face jail time. To avoid being a victim, take necessary precautions in keeping your account secure. How about you, what methods do you do to keep your email safe from hackers?

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