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What are the Three Common Costly PPC Mistakes?

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a form of internet marketing where marketers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. If you’re an advertiser, it’s a process where you pay for the visits to your site instead of trying to earn clicks organically.

PPC can be confusing, especially if you’re using the strategy for the first time. PPC mistakes are abundant – some are easy to spot while others are hard to identify. To avoid wasting your time and money pursuing the wrong PPC strategy, here are three common costly PPC mistakes you must avoid.

1. Forgetting to recheck account settings.

The account settings of your PPC helps in organizing and handling the way your advertisements appear on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Once you make adjustments to your ads, modifications on your PPC settings should be also be made. Due to the rush ad campaign brings, this crucial step is often overlooked.

When you forget to recheck account settings, it’s possible that Google will show one of your ads more frequently (perhaps the wrong one!) than the others.

Solution: Repeatedly check your PPC settings whenever you make adjustments to your old campaigns. Rechecking the settings is also advisable when you’re creating new ones.

2. Disregarding negative keywords.

One of the most common PPC mistakes advertisers do is neglecting to update their negative keyword strategy. When you get caught up searching for the appropriate keywords to fit your product or service, you tend to disregard the negative keywords.

While this may not initially affect the current campaigns, it can cause a negative reaction in the future. In the end, you’d waste resources for unqualified traffic. This may also cripple your long-term ad strategy to serve your target audience the best possible ad copy you can provide.

Solution: Regularly run a Google AdWords search term report to verify which keywords are not converting. This will also help you weed out terms that are not a good fit for your campaign.

3. Failing to check destination URLs.

One way to effortlessly lose a potential online customer is to direct them to a site that’s either broken or irrelevant to your website. When an online consumer is directed to a 404 page, you will pay for an inconvertible click. Worse, the missing or broken URL can discourage the potential buyer from purchasing your product or acquiring your service again.

Solution: Always double-check your URLs before uploading them. This is a crucial step that can only take a minute or so. It’s a critical one because it can save your brand reputation and your resources (time and money).

Committing PPC mistakes doesn’t have to stress you out. But this doesn’t mean you start being complacent as well. Convert these blunders into tools that help you grow and improve your ad campaigns. Take precautions and be extra detail-oriented when using PPC to boost your ads. A quality assessment of your marketing tools will help you avoid any PPC slip-ups that will save you some headache and keep you from overspending your budget.