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Why Are Cloud Storage Services Helpful for Storing Files?

One of the misconceptions surrounding cloud storage services is its exclusivity with business use. Many assume that only those with businesses can use this online backup. This is not the case, especially these days when keeping personal files on a computer’s hard drive is fast becoming a less popular option.

Cloud storage services provide a crucial benefit that a hard drive or a USB can’t offer. This advantage is having a bigger storage space for digital properties.

Here are the other benefits of securing a personal cloud storage service:

1. Cloud storage liberates precious space on your computer’s hard drive.

Through cloud storage, you can move the digital files that eat up a huge portion of your hard drive, which slows down your computer. This may include pictures, videos, music files, eBooks, and word documents. Once you’ve moved and stored all or most of these files to your personal cloud system, you can expect a lighter, more spacious machine.

2. Cloud storage allows others to access your files.

This may sound like a negative feature, but if you use your cloud storage correctly, it’s not. What this benefit means is that you’re able to share your files to anyone you’ve granted access to. This is helpful when you want to share a large video or batches of pictures to your family and friends.

Also, if you do remote work, you can just as easily give clearance to your workmates to access specific work-related data in your account, and vice versa. This saves you time and energy to physically send the files needed.

3. Cloud storage costs less than buying several USB and external hard drives.

There are many cloud storage providers that offer free use of their space for a preset file size. Even if you have tons of personal photos and videos, more often than not, the preset file size is still spacious enough for your files. With this, you’re basically storing and securing your data without a cost. Even if you upgrade the file size and buy additional space, cloud storage is still relatively cheaper than buying different external devices to store your files.

4. Cloud storage is accessible anywhere, anytime, as long as there is an internet connection.

When you use a cloud storage service to store your personal files, all you really need is your account password to access your stored data. This means going out even without your laptop or external drives. You can simply access your personal files through any computer, tablet or smartphone, as long as you have Wi-Fi connection and the correct password. This is helpful especially if a situation demands for your files in an instant.

5. Cloud storage protects your files.

Accidents happen. Computers occasionally suffer from the blue screen of death. Smartphones and tablets get stolen. External hard drives are easily damaged. Even if you’re careful, there are things you can’t control. And when any of these situations happen, you can heave a sigh of relief as your personal files are unharmed because they’re in the cloud.

How can cloud storage services encourage internet users to use the cloud system for file backup? Share your thoughts below.