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What are Some Great Personal Cloud Storage Options?

People sometimes think that only professionals and businesses need cloud storage. After all, these people and businesses are always at risk of losing sensitive files (and a whole lot of money) should their data be compromised.

But when you think about it, even your personal files can be considered as sensitive and valuable. After all, these personal files hold the kind of value that no one would truly be able to put an amount on.

And it’s not even just the amount of security that’s the issue. Professional files can become outdated and will eventually be replaced by more relevant ones. When it comes to personal files however, it’s not just something that you can delete after a year. Especially when it comes to photos, videos, and other similar files, you would want to keep them for as long as you can.

This is where the need for personal cloud storage comes in.

It’s a good thing that cloud storage services are not just limited to professional and business packages. Because service providers understand the needs of consumers on a personal level as well, there are some that would fit individual needs perfectly.

Here are 4 personal cloud storage options that you can choose from:

1. Google Drive

personal cloud storage optionsGoogle lets you create a single account that you can automatically use for all of their products and services. This means that if you have a Gmail account, then you automatically have access to your own Google Drive. It gives you up to 15GB to be shared across all your files, emails, and other Google products you’re using. Aside from the web version, you can also download it as an app.

2. Microsoft OneDrive

If you use Word, Excel, and other productivity tools from Microsoft, then OneDrive could be a logical choice for you. You can save any kind of file of up to 10GB per file, but the free account only gives you up to 15GB worth of storage space all in all. It does allow you to expand your personal cloud storage if you pay extra, giving you up to 1TB of space if you want.

3. Dropbox

The design and interface is very simple to use, and you can save and sync files on your computer or on your mobile app. There is no limit at all to the file size that you want to upload, making it perfect for those who love syncing movies, videos, and other heavy files. Although the basic account only gives you up to 2GB, you can extend that if you complete different tasks like inviting people to use the system or going through the starter tutorial. You can also purchase more space.

4. Box

Not to be mistaken with Dropbox, the Box allows you to fill up to 10GB worth of personal cloud storage. However, you can only upload files of up to 250MB in size. The free account also does not allow you to retrieve earlier versions of files. You can go all the way and have 100GB worth of space and upload files of up to 5GB though, as long as you pay $10 a month, which is not bad at all.

With these four personal cloud storage options, you can finally save all the files you want and be able to access them no matter where you are and what gadget or computer you use.