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Assessing Your Need for Online Backup Services

Run through your online backup requirements checklist.

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With the ever expanding need for more and more space, consumers have turned to online backup services to address storage requirements. Since the market has been keeping pace with the customers’ needs, there are now countless services available to choose from. However, what requirements should be addressed before you hit that purchase or subscribe button? Here’s a checklist to help you decide.

1) Service Level Agreements. In the context of online backup services, service level agreement or an SLA is basically a contract between the service provider and the subscriber.  The SLA essentially includes but is not limited to  services, priorities, and responsibilities to be rendered by the service provider in exchange for the fee or any mode of payment from the subscriber. The SLA is important in terms of the vendor’s commitment to its response and processing times of clients’ requests particularly for recovery purposes. Read the details carefully. If the online backup service you are looking at doesn’t have this in any form, that’s a clear red flag.

2) Security. Whether accidental or intentional, unauthorized access to your information must be restricted at all costs. Ensure that your service provider can readily provide the details on how your information will be accessed, stored and retrieved. A good online backup service provider should have these information at the ready and should even throw in strong file encryption methods and access control standards. In an increasingly sophisticated technological environment, security is a strong point of discussion for online storage concerns.

3) Confidentiality. Is is safe to send and store private or personal information via online backup service? This third item on the list is closely related to the second one. Confidentiality refers to who will be able to access the information you store in your online backup service. This is where encryption comes in not only during the send and retrieve transmission but also for the duration of your information’s stay in the online backup service’s storage system. Read the service provider’s confidentiality clause before you register. If the details are unclear or very generic, store your confidential information with caution.

At the minimum, a good online backup service provider should be able to offer all three of the above requirements. With the proliferation of similar services offering the sun and the moon to consumers, you can never be wary enough on who delivers on their spiel. In case it sounds too good to be true, don’t be seduced by their promises because it most probably is.

Ways to Use Online Backup that Most Haven’t Thought Of


When people think about online backup, they often think of just uploading all of their work files, photos, and videos. There are so many other uses of online backup that people haven’t realized though. Knowing what these other uses are will help people use online backup to its full potential.

Sharable Drive

If you’re a  business owner outsourcing work to remote workers, you’ll need a way to share documents. With online servers, you can share these documents easily. Since all of the files are online already, all you have to do is go into the server and choose the ones you’d like to share. The worker needing them can easily access them.

Work Anywhere and Everywhere

When you have all of the files you have online, you can work anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can put in hours while enjoying a Starbuck’s coffee and muffin, or you can enjoy a burger at Wendy’s while you work. There’s nothing like being productive while enjoying your favorite foods and drinks.

Store for Quick Access

Sure, you can have notes on your phone or tablet, but they can sometimes get lost. If you have all of the information you need online, all you have to do is pull it up every time you need it. With online backup servers, you’ll have the ease of organizing everything into folders for quick accessibility.

Document Availability

Let’s say you’re sitting down with a client, and he asks you a question that you were prepared to answer. Instead of shifting uncomfortably in your seat, you can search for the file that has the information you need. If you have a presentation on your server, you can bring that up to really impress him.

With so many uses for online backup, it’s a shame that not every single person hasn’t taken advantage of it to its full potential. There’s likely many other uses because it really has to do with how creative you are and your needs.

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Why is online data storage important?

Online data storage is extremely important!

Computers fill our life and our work.  They faithfully accumulate our wedding pictures, our company’s books, and the ceaseless emails we get and send.  But, unless you back it up, all that data can be gone like a flash of lightning.

Data Backups protect you from hardware failure

Computers are more reliable than ever, so its easy to forget or put off backing up your data. We’ve all done it.

But, computer drives still fail, and usually they give no advance warning.  One minute they’re working fine, and the next minute they’re toast.

And usually, when they fail, it’s impossible (or very expensive) to get any data off of them.

Data Backups protect you from viruses

Some computer viruses will corrupt your data.  Some computer viruses will bog your machine down so much that you can’t login.

If you ever “lose” a computer to a virus, most technicians will advise you to wipe the drive clean and reinstall everything.

Data Backups can be a life-saver in these extreme cases.

Data Backups protect you from theft

Thieves are more likely to steal high-tech items such as your laptop or home computer.  These items are in high demand and can be sold quickly and easily.

If you have backups, it’s simple to restore your files to a new computer.  Without backups, your honeymoon pictures may be gone forever.

Data Backups protect you from accidental deletion

Every computer has a Delete key, and sometimes it works too darn well.

Have the kids ever deleted things from the family computer so they could make room for the latest zombie killing game?  You know, things like last year’s tax filing or your Quicken folder.

Data Backups can let you save and organize the really important things, so you don’t have to worry about what the zombie lovers might do with your data.

Backups protect you from fires, floods, and other disasters

We buy insurance for our homes and businesses, because disasters happen.  Think of your backups as data insurance.

We don’t like to think about what might happen, but good a good online data storage backup can make any disaster a little more survivable.  All you’ll have to do is setup a new computer and restore your backups.