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Best Online Backup Services

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Best Online Backup Services

Best Online Backup Services

Online Backup Services

Start With 50GB Online Backup + Cloud Storage

TAPNET Offers the best Online Backup Services starting with a base 50GB Online Backup + Cloud Storage. Includes 50GB of Data and 1 Device License in any of the available US West data center. Backup unlimited local or network drives, set file revisions, deletion retention policies. Start today with a 50GB online backup account. Sign up and start protecting your data today!

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Upgrade To 500GB Cloud Storage For Only $4.50 Per Month

TAPNET Offers the best Cloud Storage Service which includes 500GB of Data Storage space and 1 Device License in any of the available data centers. Start with a 50GB Online Backup + Cloud Storage and upgrade anytime!

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Advantages with TAPNET

TAPNET offers a powerful backup service packed with features and benefits. Online backup software combined with Amazon S3 is an unbeatable combination. Below is a list of the advantages that TAPNET offers:

  • Data Storage Using Amazon Cloud
  • Online Backup To Cloud Or Local Drives
  • Backup NAS or Mapped Network Drives
  • Unlimited File Revision History
  • Unlimited Deleted File Retention
  • Automatic Or Scheduled Backup Plans
  • Compatible With Windows, MAC, Linux and more
  • Free 15 Day Trial with 1GB Backup Space

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Choose Closest Data Center

Leveraging global data centers brings you a wide selection of locations to store your data close to home!

Available Data Centers
  • US (California/Oregon/Ohio)
  • Canada (East)
  • South America (Brazil)
  • Europe (Frankfurt/Ireland)
  • Asia (Singapore/Tokyo/Seoul/Mumbai)
  • Australia (Sydney)

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Unlimited File Revision History

Online Cloud Backup features unlimited file revisions and is backed up to powerful, trusted Amazon Data Centers of your choice. You can create custom backup schedules to secure your data as often as you need to. Secure backups are required by law in some industries; our backup system conforms to the stringent doctor-patient confidentiality requirements laid out by HIPAA.

Online Cloud Backup from TAPNET will secure your valuable business files, photos, music, videos and other documents. Our software uses 256-Bit AES military grade encryption and uploaded files are stored in a state-of-the-art data centers. TAPNET is intuitive, easy to use and ensures that if any of your on-site devices fails, a copy of your data will still be available online. The services mitigates vulnerabilities open to hackers, hardware or software failures and human errors. View Pricing


Unlimited Deleted File Retention

TAPNET keeps a private backup of each deleted file for as long as you require after deletion, so nothing lost if the wrong files are accidentally deleted. Simply open the TAPNET cloud backup software and restore accidentally deleted information is a snap. The cheapest form of data insurance you can find, Online Cloud Backup from TAPNET can easily restore any saved version of your files. You can choose to restore your most recent data, or an earlier version. With unparalleled accessibility, security, and storage size for businesses and individuals, only TAPNET can offer you this freedom from data risk. Sign up now, to take advantage of our 15 day free trial! View Pricing


Online Backup Services

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Best Online Backup Services

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Online Backup Pros and Cons for Business?

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Traditionally, online backup pros and cons required cost benefit analysis for storing business data online. You need special equipment. You need space. You need a lot of money to cover the costs. But now, different online backup options are available. This means things just got a whole lot easier for businesses everywhere.


Easy Access

This allows you to become more efficient. This is especially true when it comes to gaining access to all your files. No matter where you are, you can instantly open up your files. There is no more need to bring portable storage devices with you all the time.


These services have layers of security protecting their clients’ data. Especially for business subscribers like you, providers understand that security takes top priority.


Online backup services always leave a lot of room for expansion. Businesses grow, and online backup providers want to grow with their customers as well. This means that it doesn’t matter if your files double or triple in number. There are easy ways to upgrade and widen your bandwidth.


Initial Data Seeding

The initial data seeding could be quite time-consuming. It gets worse if you already have a lot of files to begin with. It can also use up a lot of your bandwidth, and can slow things down for the rest of the people connected to your network.

Size and File Limitations

Some online backup providers have limits in terms of file size and file type. This is why it is important to scrutinize every part of the service agreement. If you are fully aware of the limitations, it will be easier to adjust as well.

The good news is, these limitations can be handled efficiently. Just choose an online storage provider that easily adjusts according to their clients’ needs. From here, you’re good to go without any worries.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Online Storage for Personal Use?

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Pros and cons of online storage is a trend that’s going to be around for generations to come. Considering the convenience it brings, it has become an essential part of everything people do. It could be an important school project. It could also be a short presentation you’ve been working on to jumpstart your career. Whatever purpose it plays, online storage has become crucial to individuals everywhere because of what it can do.

The Pros

What advantages can you enjoy through the use of online storage?

Remote Access Anywhere

If you encounter a sudden opportunity to give a presentation, you can do so even if you have no flash drive in your pocket. Online backup systems allow users to access their files anywhere, anytime.

Low Costs

A lot of personal backup plans offered online are free, especially if you don’t really have a lot of files to begin with. If you start seeing that the allotted storage is not enough for you, then it’s always easy to upgrade your plan. You also lose the need to buy flash drives or external hard drives, which can be quite expensive.

Of course, backing up your data online has a few downsides to it as well.

The Cons

What are the disadvantages when you rely on online backup?

Limited Space

Personal plans often have limited bandwidth. Sure, you can upgrade your free service to get more space. However, that’s only going to add up to the costs you’ve been trying to avoid.

File Restrictions

Online storage may allow you to save your Word documents and your slideshow presentations. However, it may not let you save other kinds of files. Check with the service provider and see if the file types you work on can be accommodated.

Using online storage for personal files can still be beneficial. Yes, there are limitations. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Cloud Service for SMB?

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Small to medium businesses now enjoy using online backup services. This is all thanks to bigger bandwidth at lower costs. Cloud storage has become a popular option compared to external hard drives and portable media.

Any cloud service for SMB is just like other company tools. It has its own sets of pros and cons.


It is reliable.

Cloud providers innovate to safely store and save company data. Most services are certified to safely backup, compress, encrypt, duplicate and store files. Providers also manage and monitor your data round-the-clock.

This level of efficiency has financial benefits for SMBs. The cloud provider is responsible for the backup structure. Because of this, the SMB has less to worry about and spend on.

It is scalable.

A cloud service for SMB takes advantage of the vast scalability of online backup. Here, there is no need to shell out more funds. Most providers use a pay-as-you-go system, which greatly cuts budget problems. This method allows businesses to make operational costs easier to manage.

It gives easy access.

Cloud services are a godsend to SMBs. They lessen maintenance needs for their disaster recovery methods. Offsite file copies are accessible from any place or any device. This provides security and added insurance in case of emergency or disaster.


Data seeding takes time.

The first full data backup can be time-consuming. Of course, this also depends on the storage capacity of the service provider. It may affect production systems of the business during data seeding. This may happen during full recovery of company data as well.

There are size limits.

There are cloud service providers that offer “unlimited storage”. However, most have a limit for daily bandwidth availability. This size limitation may impact backup procedures when the business expands.

Ending a contract takes time.

Ending a cloud contract often involves a lengthy process. This is also true for trial runs. Some cloud service for SMB providers even charge a fee for cancellation.

There are security risks.

Most backup packages provide airtight security. But relying on a third-party service when it comes to sensitive company data can be an issue.

SMBs need to make sure they do business with a reputable service provider. This will allow them to fully enjoy the benefits of online backup.

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How to be a Better Student Using Cloud Backup for Students

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An online cloud service has grown to be a must-have tool for students for many reasons. With secure cloud backup for students, file syncing across multiple devices is a breeze. Sharing and editing data for group assignments become easier and faster too.

The cloud is a valuable student’s tool because:

Files are available all the time.

Students don’t have to bring a bag full of flash drives, external hard disks and media players to access their notes and assignments. Physical storage tends to be lost or damaged. But the cloud remains readily accessible, as long as internet connection is available.

Backup assignments are handy.

Sometimes, mishaps happen at the worst time. You may ruin or accidentally delete an impeccably written case study due for submission. When this happens, cloud backup for students becomes a life-saver. Backups readily available anywhere become an insurance that the hours of hard work invested won’t go to waste.

Mobile backup services give students freedom.

Most online backup apps work well with smartphones and tablets. This feature provides students freedom to do their assignments and projects using their handheld devices. This means instant access for on-the-go edits and lighter backpacks.

Research work becomes faster and easier.

For students who use library computers, links and notes can be easily copied and uploaded to their personal cloud. These resources become available as long as there’s an internet connection.

Group projects become hassle-free.

With cloud backup for students, each member can contribute to the project even if the group isn’t physically together. Cloud backup also makes it easy for everyone to make changes and updates for the betterment of the project.
Students can benefit from a reliable cloud storage because it enables them to safely access and share files from any device with an internet connection. Most online backup services offer a free full-featured package for a specific timeframe. Some offer economical packages with unlimited storage space and strong collaboration features.

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How Can Online Backup be Used as a Marketing Tool?

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Online backup is more than just a service offering storage space in the cloud. It has more in store for most small to medium businesses (SMBs). A complete cloud backup service provides a host of features including:a. System protection

B. File management
C. Local storage integration
D. Encryption and security
E. Multi-device sync
F. Mobile access

If used correctly, online backup can also be an excellent marketing tool.

Cloud Backup for Marketing

SMBs usually employ only a handful of employees. Nowadays, some of these workers don’t go to the office every day or even live on the same continent. Because of this scenario, constant and reliable communication between the team is paramount. This is where online backup comes into the picture.

SMBs can use a strong backup service for their marketing campaigns. With its help, they can boost the company’s products or services. Reliable and stable online backup gives employees space to share important files and data real-time.

Every single day, a business is launched. To stand out from the crowd, a company needs a powerful marketing strategy. This means the creation of an advertising campaign – as well as its security – is important. The cloud offers the company’s marketing team a lot. For example, it’s a safe environment to send and receive marketing proposals and ideas. This is particularly efficient if one or more employees are living on the other side of the globe.

Online backup works far from sending files via email. It’s unlike sharing files through instant messaging apps with restricted storage space, either. It has the ability to handle huge files. Most of these are photos, typical when doing marketing designs. Anyone from the team can also safely download files and make edits. After that, it’s easy to re-upload them to the cloud to share with everyone.

It doesn’t matter if team members are in transit. It’s also okay if they’re away from the keyboard. Teams can continue to perform urgent improvements, thanks to the cloud. Majority of online backup services today can seamlessly sync files across different devices.

The use of online backup goes beyond marketing campaigns, too. Its advantages cover everything your SMB needs.

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What Makes a Backup Online Solution Safe?

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Disasters happen, often when you’re unaware of it. When your computer is destroyed in a fire, or is stolen, or unexpectedly took a nosedive, it’s important that you have a backup online solution to restore your files. The good thing is tons of online backup providers are more than willing to take you up as a client. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you choose the one that doesn’t just guarantee to secure your files, but actually does so.

Real-Time Transfer Security

There are hundreds of backup online solution providers today. But you can quickly divide this great number in half based on their individual reputation alone. The most prominent online backup providers stake their names and reputation in ensuring the safety of their clients’ data. This protection constitutes two stages: the real-time transfer of files and the off-site storage facilities.

Even before starting the backup process, your files have already been secured with the minimum 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This is the same protection banks utilize when you’re using their machines for transactions.

This is about as close as you can get to 100 percent protection when backing up your files online. The process and encryption technology vary depending on the provider and the package you get.

Off-site Storage Facilities Security

Once you’ve finished storing your important documents online, another protection is added to your files to prevent data hacking. Again, it will depend on the backup online solution you choose, but the additional layer of protection can either be the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or the 448-bit Blowfish Encryption.

To guarantee tighter security, the majority of online backup providers today use geo-redundant data facilities. This means that aside from the initial and added protection given to your files, their servers are also continuously backed up to other data facilities in a different place. This means the backup has its own backup. This is a relief if you’re worried that something may happen to your provider’s off-site storage facility.

Choose the Right Security Provider

For security, most online backup providers follow the same practice. So when cut to the bone, it is just one slice in the pie of considerations you need to process. However, it’s a part that must not be taken lightly.

There are several ways of ensuring that you pick the backup online solution provider who passes your security qualifications. One is to check the provider’s reputation. The top online backup providers in the market today put their reputation on the line. Look for one that has the same quality. Check customer reviews and testimonials for added Intel.

Another way to check the solution’s security measures is by downright asking the provider. It’s perfectly fine to ask questions about their security or verify guidelines you’re confused about. After all, you’re essentially entrusting them with your data.

It’s highly possible to find the right provider who can bring you the backup online solution you need. You just have to be diligent in choosing the provider and you’ll be good to go.

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Why Use Online Backup to Save and Store Email?

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The one thing constant in the lives of Netizens (or even those who rarely go online these days) is electronic mail. Practically everyone who uses the internet owns at least one email account. Owning one can either be a necessity or a whim, but its importance cannot be diminished.

People get easily agitated when they check their email inbox and they couldn’t access it. People worry when nothing’s popping up when they’re expecting to receive something in the mail. People panic when they couldn’t find important messages they know are in their folders somewhere.

Case in point, the anxiety that about 40,000 Gmail users felt when Google’s mail server suffered a temporary glitch and showed an empty inbox to its users. For a few moments there, everyone in that 0.02% must have had “online backup” or any other backup options in their panic-stricken bubble thoughts.

Secure Emails through Online Backup

People put a lot of themselves (personal and professional) in their virtual mailboxes. Who wouldn’t when, year after year, thousands of emails are being stored online? But with unfortunate glitches that can cause havoc in email servers, you shouldn’t be without a backup plan.

There are a few ways to securely backup your electronic mails. One effective mode is to the use the cloud as an online backup. But why should it be considered for email? Why choose to backup online to secure virtual messages? Wouldn’t it be more prudent to use an external hard drive instead?

Whether you have important documents or funny love notes in your email inbox, having a backup plan is a necessity. Online backup is an easy and straightforward choice. Here’s why this plan works:

1. Email hacking happens. Even if you’re the most cautious email account owner, you can get hacked. When this happens and there is no way to ever access your email account again, the online backup will prove to be worth the effort you have put into it.

2. Clumsiness or carelessness in the maintenance of email folders can sometimes lead to accidental deletions of important messages. A backup copy of these deleted messages off-site may come in handy.

3. Email server downtime can happen at the most crucial time of your life (like during a very important presentation or meeting). This situation is stressful, especially if the downtime seems to last forever and you are stuck in the void, feeling hopeless. An online backup can be your savior.

Emails have already been embedded in our lives, with most things – from bills to personal documents – sent through this medium. Online accounts or login details, personal and business contacts, and possibly gigabytes of business information are stored in email accounts and losing access to them is really frightening.

There may not seem to be an immediate call to back up as most internet users take this process for granted. But when the unexpected rolls in and you are caught off-guard with very little in your hands to protect you, you will thank the cloud if you’ve managed to keep copies of your emails out there using online backup.

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What Files to Prioritize when Doing an Online Backup?

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Computers are complex and there are a lot of threats to their usefulness and functionality. Accidents happen even if you take good care of your machine. And sometimes, if you’re that unlucky, your computer hard drive crashes for no reason or your OS gets corrupted out of nowhere.

Acts of nature in the form of flood, fire, or earthquake can also be threats to your machines and the files stored in them. If you are diligent enough, your personal or business data are regularly backed up.

But what about those with the same concerns, but aren’t quite built for diligence? One day, they’ll just find themselves crossing their fingers and hoping that they files are still intact after a sudden blue screen of death or a scary fire.

Don’t let this happen to you. Use an online backup solution.

Online Backup List of Priorities

Online backup is a remote backup. It’s off-site and secures files, folders, or an entire hard drive for your peace of mind. Everyone would agree that documents and digital materials that are irreplaceable must be backed up, right? So, this process is nothing to sneeze about.

When doing a backup online, here are the files you need to prioritize:

1. Important documents

Documents whether for work or personal use are a top priority in online backup since there are future references to these files that could come out at any given moment. It’s best to have these data secured at the same time handy when you need them.

2. Memories in the form of photos and videos

Moments and memories made with loved ones are often captured in photos and videos. The cloud or online backup allows you to instantly sync these digital memories with one or two other devices. This ensures there will always be copies of these files for reminiscing later.

3. Email messages

Whether for work or for personal use, email has become a constant in this digital era. Your important email messages and sentimental online missives are often considered for long-term storage. Backing up and storing copies of these documents prove practical and wise if there is a need to access information for specific purposes later on.

4. Music Playlists

For so many, music is their way of life. It’s their go-to place to let go or unwind. Maybe, it’s also your place to lose yourself in once in a while. Keeping your music playlist intact is important, especially if the collection has been meticulously curated and maintained. An online backup of these songs go a long way for self-preservation for you and for many other musically-inclined people.


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