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How to Backup Online

how to backup onlineIn today’s digital world, what each of us needs is a backup — and no, we’re not talking about “security guard” type of backup. Well, maybe it can mean the same thing, but more like for your computer. Besides, no one is really 100% safe or fool-proof these days when we talk about online security. Throughout the years, the most famous approach when it comes to backing up your files is by the use of a cloud. There are numerous companies now offering their services on how to backup online safely and efficiently.

Who Can Use This Type of Service?

Learning about how to backup online files should be our top priority. Just like what was mentioned earlier, everyone is at risk when it comes to internet security. If some hackers are now able to access even the most private websites of government agencies, shouldn’t you be concerned about your files as well?

What and How Exactly Does It Work?

Think of a cloud as an alternative way of backing up your files using a hard drive. If you go for backing up your files locally (that is, using a hard drive,) you would need another piece of hardware available to be able to do the job and also, it may really be time-consuming. A cloud works by a technology called “SSL encryption.” SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer encryption, and this technology is used mainly for safe and reliable web connections. It makes sure that before your files even go online, it has already been encrypted into your hard drive.

Where Can I Purchase this Kind of Service?

For over the past few years, the development of the cloud has been overwhelming. Just like what was mentioned earlier, there are now countless service providers who offer this kind of support, and they can be found either online or in any of their accredited stores. To name a few, there is Backblaze, Carbonite, and CrashPlan. Each one of them has their own pros and cons, so it all falls down to your needs in choosing the right provider.

When Should I Purchase a Backup?

You should consider having a backup as soon as possible. In fact, the very moment you purchase your computer, you already should have backup. It is also important to bear in mind that you alone, and not the server, have the “key” to these files. So unless you use this “key” to view these files, they are completely safe.

Why Do I Need to Spend Extra Money Again?

Think of it this way: it’s not about wasting money. It’s about being smart. Companies with these kinds of programs offer their services at a very reasonable price.  Aside from the competition in the market, these companies know how frustrating it can be to have the most secure file taken away from you.

How about you? What are your thoughts on this kind of service? Are you a user of the cloud yourself? Let us know! Go ahead and share your experiences below!

What Files to Put in Your Online Backup Storage

Online backup storage is especially useful when you have a lot of digital files to store. But apart from the obvious files which usually need to be stored online such as your personal photos and your music collection, what other digital information should you use the cloud for?

Here’s a simple checklist on things you would benefit from having in your online backup storage:

Personal digital mementos – This would make up the bulk of your online storage space if you are an individual user. This includes pictures, videos, voice files, and just about anything you store in your digital camera, smartphones, and laptops.

Work files – Whether or not you’re working from home or just as a regular employee who has some files you need to work at home, you better have a backup copy of your files in the cloud. You never know when something might happen to your hardware, and losing work files can potentially cost you your career. Because of this, you would benefit from storing and updating your online backup storage with your most important files for work to ensure you don’t lose anything.

Receipts – Receipts for more important purchases—especially those which are used for warranties should have backup copies. You can use a scanner or take a picture using your phone and store the digital copy of your receipt online. Just in case you lose your hard copy, you can still present your digital copy when you are asked for your receipt. Payments for loans, bank transactions, and the like deserve their own personal online backup storage space.

Business records – For business owners, business transactions and records can be kept online through cloud storage. This way, should the physical documents be lost or damaged, you can still have them printed out or check them as references online. This also makes it possible for you to share your files to other important members of the business even if they’re far away.

Tips for Maintaining Your Files Online

When you have decided to maximize the use of online storage, you should follow some additional tips to make it easier for you to access and keep your digital files online. Here are some helpful ones to follow:

Have separate folders for personal and work files – You can use the same cloud service provider for work and personal purposes. But it is important to be more organized when it comes to separating work and personal files in your online storage.

Regularly update your files – Take the time to update your files and add the new ones whenever needed. This way, you can be assured that all of your files are right where they need to be.

Use smart file names – You can sort your files easier if you have file names which would allow you to search for them much faster. Think of this as your own personal code in keeping your files.

If you have files that you want to keep safe online, you would definitely benefit from cloud storage! What kind of files do you usually upload to your cloud? Share away in the comments section!

Ways to Use Online Backup that Most Haven’t Thought Of


When people think about online backup, they often think of just uploading all of their work files, photos, and videos. There are so many other uses of online backup that people haven’t realized though. Knowing what these other uses are will help people use online backup to its full potential.

Sharable Drive

If you’re a  business owner outsourcing work to remote workers, you’ll need a way to share documents. With online servers, you can share these documents easily. Since all of the files are online already, all you have to do is go into the server and choose the ones you’d like to share. The worker needing them can easily access them.

Work Anywhere and Everywhere

When you have all of the files you have online, you can work anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can put in hours while enjoying a Starbuck’s coffee and muffin, or you can enjoy a burger at Wendy’s while you work. There’s nothing like being productive while enjoying your favorite foods and drinks.

Store for Quick Access

Sure, you can have notes on your phone or tablet, but they can sometimes get lost. If you have all of the information you need online, all you have to do is pull it up every time you need it. With online backup servers, you’ll have the ease of organizing everything into folders for quick accessibility.

Document Availability

Let’s say you’re sitting down with a client, and he asks you a question that you were prepared to answer. Instead of shifting uncomfortably in your seat, you can search for the file that has the information you need. If you have a presentation on your server, you can bring that up to really impress him.

With so many uses for online backup, it’s a shame that not every single person hasn’t taken advantage of it to its full potential. There’s likely many other uses because it really has to do with how creative you are and your needs.

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