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What are the Top Features of a Topnotch Online Backup Solution?

When it comes to online backup solutions, you have to make sure that you get your money’s worth. With so many features dumped into a single package, how do you know which ones are the best for you?

Here is an overview of the features you need to look for when signing up for an online backup service:

1. Unlimited Storage

You may feel that it’s too much for you, but a lot of people have discovered that even when a terabyte seems overwhelming at the start, they fill it up so fast, they don’t even know what hit them. Better stay on the safe side and get unlimited storage.

2. Clients

Your chosen online backup solution may have a web client, a Windows client, and a Mac client. But do they have a Windows phone client? An iOS client? A Linux client? Nowadays, people have so many gadgets to use, which also means that they need to back up their files from all these different locations. So before you sign up for a backup provider, consider what clients their system works with first.

3. File Sharing

One of the beauties of online backup is the ability to seamlessly share files with other people. Without this feature, you would have to find other ways to share files with the rest of your team, which means going back to traditional methods that are slower and less convenient.

4. Folder Syncing

Imagine changing a single file, and having all other versions of that file in other computers and gadgets getting updated as well. That’s the beauty of a topnotch backup solution. It makes collaboration a whole lot easier, and makes sure that every member of the team sees every update there is in a timely manner.

There are so many features that could come with a backup plan, but these are the ones that would make a specific plan topnotch.

What are the Different Kinds of Online Backup Solutions?

If you’re backing up your files but fail to save them off-site, then you’re putting your data at risk. If anything bad happens to your electronics, all that data will most likely be lost. This is one reason why the online market is swarming with online backup solutions. Saving and storing your data with the help of a backup provider ensures that your data will be safe from harm, deliberate or otherwise.

An online backup solution is called by different names. Depending on its benefits, an online backup solution can also be identified as a:

* Remote backup service

* Managed backup service

* Cloud backup service

All these solutions provide the same general service – that is to store, back up, and secure the data of its users. Such backup service is cloud computing. The backup systems of these services are commonly built around a user software application that runs on a pre-arranged schedule. The scan is typically done once a day, usually at night when the machine is not in use. The central program of these services collects, encrypts, and transfers the documents to an off-site backup server.

The New Breed of Online Backup Solutions

Apart from the abovementioned remote backup solutions normally used by internet users, two more kinds of backup services are making names for themselves.

* Enterprise-class backup solution – This is commonly associated with cloud backup services. It is a solution that incorporates on-premises caching to alleviate or lessen any problems caused by a lousy internet connection.

* Hybrid backup solution– This is a method used to combine local backup and remote backup. The former is for a faster backup and restoration solution. The latter is for protection against local calamities.

They may be called by different names and prioritize different service characteristics, but all these services do one thing great – that is to help you protect your online data at all times.

Why is Owning an Online Backup Service a Good BI Strategy?

Companies spend thousands to millions of dollars to gather different types of data regarding their product, customers, and employees. All of this raw information can be mined in order to produce usable analytics to support and enhance business decisions. Needless to say, securing this data is paramount.

Saving all general and confidential business records into a single server is not a good idea. A simple mistake, an accident, or a crash can wipe out all these information. Imagine having the business records in a physical server inside the office building, and then having a fire break out, completely destroying everything. There is no way to get the physical data back. And if the company doesn’t have any sort of storage backup, the business will crumble. A Business Intelligence (BI) strategy to avoid this unfortunate event is to use an online backup system to secure the company’s files and records.

online backup

Cloud storage is a relatively old concept enhanced by new technology. The basic idea is to run applications and store files through a third-party provider. Resources are shared to maximize the efficiency of the entire network. What this means for a company is the security that they no longer have to worry about losing important data due to unforeseen events. The cloud can keep all data safe by doing regular, automatic backups. This is a next-generation BI strategy that can ensure the security of the company.

What Makes Cloud Storage a Reliable Solution?

It simplifies the entire process of backing up data. Certain components such as hostnames, directories, and permissions that were needed before to accomplish a backup are now removed in the cloud. The company would need less time and effort to store their data.

This solution is very flexible as well since it is a scalable strategy. What this means is that whenever the users need to change anything, the solution can adapt to it, regardless if it’s an increase or a decrease in size.

Accessibility is also improved through this technology. It allows a user to access the data needed wherever he may be or in whatever computer he is using. The only requirement is to have an internet connection and access details. This is perfect for organizations with people who are always on the go or out visiting client sites.

Overall, the use of this storage solution is also a cheaper option. Less effort is needed to maintain it which means less money spent on people doing the administration to back up the company’s data. It is an easy-to-use, self-service storage, but highly efficient, too. Furthermore, users only pay for certain services and components that they need.

With all of these benefits, it is no wonder why more and more companies are now relying on a cloud online backup system to protect their businesses. It is an added layer of security in order to ensure that they never lose all the important data gathered through the years.

What kind of BI strategy does your company implement with regards to cloud storage? Share your stories below.

What are the Five Most Useful Online Backup Solutions Today?

If you work with a lot of files and would often max out the available storage you have in your hard drive, then you definitely need to think about ways to secure your files as you find more ways to store them. At this day and age where everything is digital, there is a high level of importance given to securing your files from deletion by having an online backup solution at hand.

online backup

Here are five of the most useful online backup solutions in the market today:

Backblaze.No matter what backup solutions list you check on, you’ll always find Backblaze right at the top. The biggest reason why it’s on top of everyone’s list is the way it makes everything so simple – from their pricing plans all the way to how it works. There’s only one package available, and it doesn’t dictate any file size limit at all. No bandwidth throttling and no file type restrictions, either. It’s $5 a month if you go for the monthly scheme, $50 for the annual plan (which brings your monthly down to $4.17), and $95 for 2 years (making it $3.96 a month).

CrashPlan CrashPlan is another online backup service that’s always on the top spot because of its efficient and cost-effective solutions. The Individual Unlimited plan is $5.99 a month or $59.99 for a year ($5/mo) and allows you to backup an unlimited amount of data from a single computer. You could also go for the Family Unlimited plan which gives you the same set of services, but for up to 10 computers. This plan is prices at $13.99 a month or $149.99 for the entire year ($12.50/mo).

Carbonite. Carbonite is reliable and easy to use, and is one of the very few backup services that offers the app to Blackberry users. They are also among the best providers when it comes to business backup solutions. Although there was a time when Carbonite throttled their bandwidth, this policy has changed and is not in effect any longer. The Personal Basic is offered at $5 a month, while the Personal plus and Personal Prime are priced at $8.33/mo and $12.50/mo respectively. One year prepayment is required for all plans, all of which offer unlimited data backup.

Mozy. As for their personal plans, Mozy is one of the few that actually offers free backup services for 2GB of data. They also have a $5.99 monthly plan per computer which you can use to backup up to 50GB worth of data. You can get up to 125GB of storage per computer if you pay $9.99 per month. Each additional computer will cost you $2/mo, and additional 20GB a month can also be added for an additional $2/mo.

OpenDrive. For those who would rather have a customized plan, OpenDrive is a great solution. You can choose how much space you need, how many people will have access to it, and how much bandwidth you’re going to use, and they will come up with a price for the package. Of course, you also have the option to go for their fixed Personal Unlimited plan, which offers unlimited storage for $12.95 a month.

With these online backup solutions, you do not only ensure that you have all the space you need for all your files. You also have the assurance that you have somewhere to run to the moment you accidentally delete or lose any of them. For a further analysis of these services, take a look at these review sites. Reviewster & TopTenReviews