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Online Backup Services

Best Online Backup Services

100GB Online Backup Services - One Time Setup Fee $129.95

TAPNET Offers the best Online Backup Services for a one time setup fee of $129.95. Includes 100GB of Data and 1 Device License in any of the available data centers. Backup unlimited local or network drives, set file revisions, deletion retention policies and start with a 15 day free trial.

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Advantages with TAPNET

TAPNET offers a powerful backup service packed with features and benefits. Online backup software combined with Amazon S3 is an unbeatable combination. Below is a list of the advantages that TAPNET offers:

  • Data Storage Using Amazon Cloud
  • Online Backup To Cloud Or Local Drives
  • Backup NAS or Mapped Network Drives
  • Unlimited File Revision History
  • Unlimited Deleted File Retention
  • Automatic Or Scheduled Backup Plans
  • Compatible With Windows, MAC, Linux and more
  • Free 15 Day Trial with 1GB Backup Space

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Choose Closest Data Center

Leveraging global data centers brings you a wide selection of locations to store your data close to home!

Available Data Centers
  • US (California/Oregon/Ohio)
  • Canada (East)
  • South America (Brazil)
  • Europe (Frankfurt/Ireland)
  • Asia (Singapore/Tokyo/Seoul/Mumbai)
  • Australia (Sydney)

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Unlimited File Revision History

Online Cloud Backup features unlimited file revisions and is backed up to powerful, trusted Amazon Data Centers of your choice. You can create custom backup schedules to secure your data as often as you need to. Secure backups are required by law in some industries; our backup system conforms to the stringent doctor-patient confidentiality requirements laid out by HIPAA.

Online Cloud Backup from TAPNET will secure your valuable business files, photos, music, videos and other documents. Our software uses 256-Bit AES military grade encryption and uploaded files are stored in a state-of-the-art data centers. TAPNET is intuitive, easy to use and ensures that if any of your on-site devices fails, a copy of your data will still be available online. The services mitigates vulnerabilities open to hackers, hardware or software failures and human errors. View Pricing + Packages


Unlimited Deleted File Retention

TAPNET keeps a private backup of each deleted file for as long as you require after deletion, so nothing lost if the wrong files are accidentally deleted. Simply open the TAPNET cloud backup software and restore accidentally deleted information is a snap. The cheapest form of data insurance you can find, Online Cloud Backup from TAPNET can easily restore any saved version of your files. You can choose to restore your most recent data, or an earlier version. With unparalleled accessibility, security, and storage size for businesses and individuals, only TAPNET can offer you this freedom from data risk. Sign up now, to take advantage of our 15 day free trial! View Pricing + Packages

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Best Online Backup Services

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What is the Truth Behind Unlimited Online Storage?

Browsing around for unlimited online storage options will show you a huge number of choices. Each of them will talk about security. Some of them will be competitive in terms of price. Quite a few will brag about their collaborative features. But if there’s one thing that attracts the most people, it’s the claim of “unlimited” storage.

Do these unlimited online storage services really live up to that claim?

What Unlimited Really Means

The truth is, the term “unlimited” is only an appealing illusion. An individual user utilizing online storage for personal purposes won’t need terabytes of space. But he is given enough gigabytes to enjoy the feeling of having more than enough space to store his data.

This is why businesses that store terabytes of data still prefer the paid services that offer a huge amount of storage space. This gives them a better picture of how much space they really have.

How It All Works

How can these online backup services afford to give so much to some people, and so little to others? It’s actually simple. Online storage service providers already have a pretty good idea of how many of their users won’t really be able to maximize their “unlimited” offer. While this huge percentage enjoys what seems to be limitless storage, the rest of their bandwidth is given to subscribers who require terabytes of space.

Is Unlimited Service Worth It?

In reality, unlimited storage services are still worth it, especially if you only plan on using it for personal purposes. It’s all about knowing what you need. This would, of course, not be a good choice if you own a business that stores huge files. But if you have a good idea of the little space that you have, then an unlimited offer could be the best solution for your needs.

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How Can Online Backup Help Your Business

If there’s one huge threat to any business when any form of disaster strikes, it’s the loss of data. The damage can cost a lot to repair. This is why online backup services have become the new hero when it comes to data security. Where physical storage can be wrecked in case of fire, flooding, and other natural disasters, online backup ensures that the data is safe in a virtual cloud and cannot be easily destroyed in terms of physical threats.

online backup

How can you make sure that your online backup is maximized?

Always plan ahead.

When it comes to your data, you can’t just assume that it’s always going to be there. Especially if you want to minimize the risks and the impact that these risks can have on your business, you would have to have contingency plans in place.

Always assume the worst. Have backup plans to your existing backup plans. Review and revisit these plans regularly as well, as there could be changes needed as the business climate changes as well. Don’t wait for disaster to strike, preparedness is always the key.

Always update your backups.

Although a lot of online backup services ensure that any changes made to your data are immediately applied to the backup copies, this may not be the case in every situation. Because of this, it is safer to always double check your backup data to see if the important updates are in place.

This way, should you lose your original data and find the need to restore the backup, you would have the most recent files and would not have to worry about having to update them further.

Always look at every possible security threat and scenario.

When you have all bases covered, you also ensure that your business will not be as hurt when disaster comes. Because of this, you have to consider all possible threats and scenarios so that you can have appropriate security measures in place no matter what happens.

But isn’t my online backup service secure? Most probably, your chosen backup service would have security measures in place to ensure that your data is as safe as possible. But one can never be too careful. You can always add additional measures in case you feel that some areas are not covered by your provider, or you can look for a provider who can supply everything that you need.

Always test your disaster recovery plan.

There is no use planning and executing your plans if you are unsure about how these plans would work. To make sure that things go according to plan, test your online backup system regularly and find any holes that you would have to plug and cover. This way, your backup plans become even more foolproof, making your business and the data you compile safer than ever.

How secure is your business and your data? Follow these tips and make sure that you are ready for anything, no matter what disaster may strike.

How does a Reliable Online Backup Software Make You Productive?

It isn’t surprising to find that individuals, groups, and companies put a lot of their trust in their chosen online backup services, considering the huge benefits that these providers give them. Among the biggest advantages of having online backup is the big increase that they notice in terms of productivity, something that helps bring them closer to meeting, and even exceeding a lot of their targets and goals.

online backup

How exactly does a reliable online backup service help you become more productive? Here are a few ways:

It gives you access to your files anywhere you go. Because your files are stored online, this means that you can also retrieve and open your files no matter where you are, as long as you are connected. Gone are the days when you would have to bring hard copies of everything you need. You don’t even have to waste time transferring files from your computer to a portable drive just so you can transfer them to the computer you’ll be using once you get to your destination.

It offers great collaborative opportunities. Today, backup services do not just backup your own files, it also allows you to give other people in your team access to them. This means that it is easier to work with groups of people at a single time, and you don’t even have to send everybody their own copies like it is traditionally done. Even better is the fact that you can also allow people to edit documents accordingly, and these changes will automatically reflect the changes they made.

It reduces your costs.Where a huge chunk of your budget used to go to maintaining an IT team that could keep your files secure and purchasing additional equipment to store all your team’s files, you can finally save up and allocate this portion to more important stuff you need for your project. Your IT team can concentrate on more pressing issues other than maintaining files. You don’t even have to have the entire team working in the office, which could reduce your overhead costs. As long as the files you need are backed up online, you all can have access to them and work anywhere you are with as little maintenance as possible.

It minimizes the effects of human error. Everybody has done it before. You work on a really important file, and end up deleting it accidentally. This means that you have to do the work all over again, which means that hours or even days have gone to waste. With online backup services, that won’t be a problem. Retrieving deleted files is so easy, you can easily act like nothing ever happened.

With these huge benefits that online backup brings to the table, you and your entire team can finally be more productive than ever. This does not only make your goals seem easier to achieve. This added productivity also means that you’re gearing everybody up to be on top of their game, allowing everybody to have better opportunities for growth.

What to Use as Backup Services for Windows

backup services for Windows

Everybody has information in their computer that they want to secure, especially if you work on sensitive data that could never be compromised. This makes it important to have a backup service that you can trust to keep your data in case your computer suffers from any hardware issues that could leave the physical machine useless, or from human error that could delete some of your most important files permanently. There are a number of backup services for Windows that you can try. Here are some of them to help you get started:


What could be the biggest appeal that iDrive has for all its existing users is the fact that it makes the entire setup process very easy. You can also use an unlimited number of devices for a single account, which makes it perfect for those who do not only have multiple devices, but also work from a number of different places at any given time. This means that no matter where you are and which computer you use, you could easily backup each file without bringing an external device with you. Other features include disk image backup, continuous syncing, integration into your file explorer, and file archiving. What could be the only downside to it is the fact that it has a slightly slower performance than other backup services for Windows. Despite this fact, the long list of features more than make up for it, especially when you look at the price tag attached to it. A basic 5GB package comes for free, but a personal plan with up to 1TB of space is available for $44.62 a year.


Considering the fact that it offers unlimited storage for as low as $4 a month for each computer (for a 4-years subscription), you could safely say that CrashPlan offers some of the most affordable packages you will ever find. You can even go for the Family plan that covers up to 10 computers at only $9 a month. The interface is well-designed, and upload speeds are definitely faster than the others. Its security is also among the strongest around. It could have been the complete package if only integration with file explorer were available though, or if there were more options for web and mobile interfaces. However, these drawbacks are also the main reason why the system is less prone to security breaches, so you’re going to have to decide which features matter the most to you.

SOS Online Backup

Imagine having every single file you’ve ever had still existing long after you’re gone. This is what SOS promises, with every single file and file version saved into their archives and never deleted. The interface is intuitive, and you have the option to back up network and local drives. All these features come at a price though, as this is also one of the most expensive packages you’ll find. The speeds are the fastest in the industry though, which could make the cost more than worth it.

These three backup services for Windows users should be a good start for you. You can also try Carbonite, SpiderOak, BackBlaze, or OpenDrive if you want more options.

What are the Benefits of the Best Online Backup for Business?

Nowadays, the majority of businesses – regardless of size, industry, and location – opt to back up their data through the web. Alongside the growth of this data-saving method is the increase on the demand for the best online backup for business. In this digital age, this clamor for online backup services is not surprising anymore. In fact, online backup providers promote this service in different ways to entice companies to use the program.

What Makes Online Backup Enticing to Businesses

best online backup for business

Though it’s not a 100% infallible solution, online backup is the best data saving service available for businesses. Particularly now when it’s becoming more challenging to save data the traditional way. Here are five reasons why companies are now looking for the best online backup for business.

Automatic Backup Approach

One of the primary reasons why companies neglect to back up their data regularly is that the process necessitates manual work and update. Consequently, one of the key benefits of online backup service is that it uses an automatic backup approach. The majority of web-based services provide a backup scheduler and systematized backups. The former enables the company to generate a schedule for backups to automatically come up. This is whether the backup process happens every hour, every day, every week or every month. The latter calls for a backup that just copies new data or changes to the files that have already been saved.

Off-site Safekeeping

Accidents happen. One catastrophic event, like flood or fire, can render all the traditional backups irrelevant. Keeping the backups in the same vicinity as the original data is rarely advisable. On the other hand, moving the backups to a different place poses security issues, too. The best solution to this predicament is an online backup because the service stores the files on secure and safe servers in a remote, off-site location.

Data Sharing

Online backup storage makes it painless to share data, even large files, with everyone in the office. This can actually improve office productivity. Rather than emailing each person one-by-one with large attachments, it’s easier to upload the needed files to an online storage. To share the files, an employee can just simply send the web link to whoever needs it.

Easy Data Management

The IT department of the company no longer needs to be concerned about updating the program on every computer the employees use. This is because the program is controlled and overseen remotely. The IT specialist only has to update the program on a single remote server. Once this is successfully done, every employee that uses the program will benefit from its latest version.

Limitless Scalability

As the needs of the company expand, the online backup service can also grow to handle these increased demands. For instance, an online backup service may start out with a specific amount of data storage. If the company requires more, all they need to do is choose a different plan. Moreover, this means that the company will never have to spend far more than what it needs at any given time.

With these benefits, it’s not a wonder why more and more companies choose to use online backup to save important data.

What other benefits do companies get from an online backup service? Share your thoughts below.

What are the Pros and Cons of Online Backup Services?

pros and cons of online backup servicesThe pros and cons of online backup services serve as your guidelines in making smart decisions about securing your computer files. There are a variety of misguided beliefs about online backup and storage services, particularly when people consider security and backup speed in the scenario. Certainly, there are always drawbacks when using online backup services. However, the advantages you get from this service isn’t something you can shrug off or easily dismiss. Here are the major pros and cons of online backup services. See for yourself which side outweighs the other.


Automatic backup.

Most online backup services will do your backup automatically, except if you made a manual configuration. Online backup services offer a range of features and scheduling features. Therefore, you no longer need to buy any sort of backup equipment or hardware like CDs, SD cards, or USB drives to do the manual updates.

Easy file access.

Online backup is also known as cloud backup and because of its nature all your files are “in the cloud.” Generally, this means you can access your files from anyplace as long as there’s an internet connection available. Majority of online backup services also comes with mobile access to your files. A number actually have a native iOS or Android application, and some only have a mobile web interface for easier accessibility.

Off-site storage.

One of the main benefits of using an online storage service is that your files are being kept and secured off-site. This means that even if you become a victim of natural calamities, theft or other types of data loss, your files are still protected. You can also view this advantage from a business standpoint. Off-site storage means lesser office expenses since the business doesn’t need to shell out money for multiple physical storage spaces.


Time-consuming installation.

The initial process of online backup can be done as quickly as a couple of hours or as long as several weeks or even months until every single file is uploaded. Numerous factors can come up and can impact your online backup speed and you are likely to have a slow internet connection or bandwidth restrictions. To avoid this, it’s imperative that you first do a local external hard drive backup so you can still have a working backup copy and don’t need to wait for the online data backup to finish.

Susceptibility to Attack.

Storing files online can make you or your business susceptible to external hack attacks. As you know, nothing on the internet is 100% secured and so there’s always the possibility of threats to your sensitive data. You need to choose a provider that has a strong and proven record against hack attacks and similar incidents.

Loss of overall control.

Once you upload and backup your files online, you’re no longer in full control of your data. There can be security concerns involved, like other people looking at your files or your documents may be compromised in another way. This can be avoided if you choose a provider that guarantees this won’t ever happen to your files.

Depending on the chances you’re willing to take, overall online backup service is a good deal. With the aforementioned lists of pros and cons of online backup services, do you think the benefits of online backup outweigh its downsides?

What is the Skinny on Free Online Backup Services?

free online backup In this day and age where people are reliant more than ever on their computers for their work and their day to day communication and entertainment, it is becoming even more important to back up files. Sure, most laptops, computers, and gadgets are nifty and sturdy things that can stand up to many different tests and rigors but it is a fact that they break down and when they do, they will take your data and files with them. If you are not backing up your data, then you stand no chance of recovering each precious file that you lost.

Forms of Backup

There was a time then people who did backup their files would have to rely on things like external hard drives, CDs, and USBs and while they were good, they were still vulnerable to physical damage and to getting lost. Why, even a splash of water could render these backup devices and tools inaccessible and that left people without their precious files. However, with the leaps and bounds made in technology, people have one more option these days and it is the online backup service. Some of them are paid but people can also benefit from free online backup services and tools.

What is Free Online Backup?

Online backup is a service or a technology wherein people can backup their files online so they never have to worry about losing data. It can be very technical but to make a long story short, online backup, also called “remote backup,” is a process wherein data is stored offsite and selected folders, files, and even the entire content of a hard drive is backed up in a computer or server that comes with a network connection.

People can choose to pay for their online backup service but they can also choose to go for free backup services, especially if they do not have much to store. However, for folks that have bigger files in mass quantities that they cannot afford to lose, going for paid services has to be the best option since they will enjoy more space for storage and more comprehensive services.
Why Backup at All?

Whether you choose paid or free online backup is entirely up to you and what you need – just the fact that you are backing up is already to be lauded. However, for those of you who are not yet using online backup services, below are a couple of reasons that are sure to have you backing up ASAP.

• You can access your file anywhere – When you store files and back them up online, this means that you can access and make changes to your files anywhere you are. You just need a machine that has internet access and you are good to go.

• No worries of physical loss – When you backup files online, you need not worry about losing your backup devices or losing them to theft, fires, water damage, etc. Your files stay safe and sound in their remote location.

Have you thought about backing up your files online? Have you ever looked for a free online backup service? Share your thoughts below!

How to Use an Online Backup Service Buying Guide

online backup service Do you know that backing up your files is just about one of the most important things you can do? After all, you do not want to lose important data when your computer crashes. There was a time when the only way to back up your files was to use discs and hard drives but with the advent of cloud storage, it is now easier than ever to back up your files. When it first started, it was a bit easy to look for online backup service providers because there weren’t that many. But as cloud technology improved and continues to improve, there are now hundreds of online backup service companies to choose from.

With all those companies to choose from, just how are you supposed to actually make a choice? It is not easy but below are some factors that you need to take into account when making your choice.

Amount of Space – Knowing how much space you will need to back up your files is one of the most important things you need to do before you choose a plan. The reason for this is lots of service providers price their plans based on how much space is used. To know how much space you will need, organize all your files and get the sum of the space they take up. You can also choose the ones you want to back up and the ones that you do not.

Level of Service – When choosing a service or a plan, you have to know that there is a major difference between personal backup and business backup. Personal plans are priced lower but you get less space for your money and you also do not get as many features. Business plans do cost more but you also get more space and the best service.

Features offered – Different providers will offer you different features because that is how they compete with one another. However, there are some features that are present more or less in all companies. Some of the most basic features you want from your plan include syncing, user management, collaboration, and scheduling.

Compare services ­– Sometimes, there is no better way to check out how different companies stack up against each other by checking out graphs. You can go online and see how these companies perform when pitted against each other. If you see a side-by-side comparison of the companies you are considering, it will be easier for you to make up your mind.

Free accounts – If you really want to get a feel for the services offered by these companies, give them a try. Most of them offer free trial accounts and you can even keep those for as long as you want. There is no better way to choose which company to go for than to experience it firsthand. These accounts are free so there is no reason not to try them out.

Have you ever signed up for a free account? How did that affect your decision as to which online backup service to choose?

More Reasons to Secure Data Through Online Backup

Identifying more reasons to secure data using technological advancements such as cloud computing or cloud online backup services can help us understand its significance to our personal and business endeavors. However, despite the intelligence of the technology we are enjoying today, it also comes with a disadvantage or two.

Computers are no exceptions. They work as a very good option for storing all your vital information. From your favorite songs, photos and videos, and of course your most important documents that you cannot afford to lose, are stored in your PC. However, the problem with this facility is when your PC faces a disaster? It is very likely that a hard drive, where you store all your data, gets crashed causing you to lose access to those very digital data that you had saved inside. Although we tend to store them in an external hard drive or in a rewritable DVD, as a backup method, there is no guarantee that they won’t crash or get deleted.

In such situation, the only viable and cost-effective solution is the online backup technology, where you save all your digital files or data to a distant and off-site location. This helps you with an additional advantage of accessibility to all your vital data even if your hard disks get stolen or get crashed. You will not have to worry about losing any of those data. This wonderful technology is brought to us by the amazing discovery of “cloud computing”.

Why you should choose online backup service?

There are many reasons that are enough to compel any data-conscious individuals and organizations to choose online backup as your safe and secure medium of preserving all your digital data. But the most common of them are:

1. Automated service:

Whenever you add or delete any file or make any changes to your files and data, the online backup stores all the changes of your documents and files. For storing and uploading those changes to your cloud, you do not need to do anything; the software system of that online backup service will do the job for you.

2. Cost:

If you think that you will pay less than any online backup service when you buy a hard disk or any other storage medium, then you are absolutely wrong as the online backup service would serve you with the best quality of service at a cost of $5 for a month for storing up to 75 GB on an average and an unlimited storage facility for $7 per month, which of course varies from company to company.

3. Safety and security:

This is the best part of the service. Online backup service is a software system that provides customer safety and security level that no other safety program can effectively do so. Whereas when you decide to save your files and documents all by yourself, you will have to worry about hackers getting their hands on your data, as well as the constant threat of new viruses harming your computer. Online backup will provide you security of military-like level.

4. Sharing:

Share your documents with your friends and family with just few clicks. You do not have to send the files by mailing them individually or by attaching them to mails. The online backup will do the job for you.