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Online Backup Sizes and Costs

Do you know which plan you should choose for online backup? Some people choose plans that are way too big for their needs, while other people choose plans that don’t meet their needs. This can cause lost money and frustration.

This is why at TAPNET, we want to tell you about the plans we offer, so you get the one that’s perfect for you.

The smallest amount of space we offer is 500GB. This costs $24.50 a year and covers three devices.

The next plan available is 1TB for $34.50 per year. This one is a popular one among small businesses and parents with thousands of photos and videos of their children. Most people aren’t able to fill the 1TB, but the 500 GB is way too small. This plan also covers 3 devices.

The third plan has 2TB. It costs $49.50 per year. This is better for small to medium size companies because of the size of the storage. You’ll be able to back up five devices with this plan.

The last plan has unlimited space. This is great for large companies. This plan only costs $64.50. This is a one time payment, and you’ll have all of the storage space you need up to 10 devices.

What Else You’ll Receive

Besides the storage space, you’ll also receive many other features. You have unlimited bandwidth and transfer speeds. You’ll also receive access to the web portal, which means you can access your files from anywhere. You can back up your iDevices, and view documents on a mobile device. You’ll receive top-notch security, have access to deleted files for 30 days, edit documents online, and share them with one click.

Sign Up for a Plan

Online backup services are so important these days. Your computer could crash in a second, and you could lose everything on it. Don’t take the risk. Back your data easily and quickly with TAPNET online backup services.