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What are the Top Questions to Ask an Online Backup Provider?

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Working with an online backup provider is ideal to manage your online data. There are tons of storage services available that provide off-site backup. Some are solely for personal use. Others focus more on business needs.

To make sure you get the best for your needs, ask the provider the following:

How secure is their service to store important data?

One of the biggest concerns about online backup is security. You’re essentially trusting someone to keep your files for you. If the security is mediocre, anyone can access your data.

Make sure to ask the online backup provider if they encrypt data. Ask if they use a secure protocol to do so. This helps in ensuring unauthorized access won’t happen. If possible, request a copy of their security policies to review.

What is their online storage capacity?

The storage capacity helps you determine if the provider is best suited for your needs. Even with just personal use, you can accumulate data at an incredible rate. Look for an online backup provider with scalable technology. This ensures they can handle the demands of large data uploads. Also, inquire if there are overage charges if you go over your allotted space.

What are the disaster plans of the online backup provider?

Even the most reliable provider is not immune to disasters. As such, ensure that they have a plan in place should a calamity occur. Look into their recovery plans and see if they are logical and structured. This is particularly important if you use an online storage for your business.

Do they offer a free trial period?

The best way to see if the backup service works for you is to test it out. This is where a free trial comes in handy. If the provider offers one, use it to accurately determine if the service is what you need.

There are tons of online backup services available today. By asking questions, you get the important information you need to make a wise buying decision.

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How Do You Choose an Online Backup Provider?

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It’s tough, having to maintain a number of files that you use not only personally, but for your business as well. You would have to worry not only about making sure that you have copies stored somewhere in case anyone deletes an important file accidentally, but you would also have to guard yourself against data theft and other risks.

Because of this, choosing a suitable online backup provider should not be taken lightly. It is a process that should take time and careful consideration.

Here are the most important things you should be checking on before deciding on a specific online backup provider.

1. Data Transfer Rates

Especially if you have a huge amount of data to be backed up, you can’t afford to choose a provider who takes forever to take care of the entire process. Check on their data transfer rates and make sure they can back up and secure your files the fastest possible time.

2. Security

A lot of your files probably contain information that you wouldn’t share with just anybody, so you would have to make sure of the data encryption methods and SSL connections that the provider uses.

3. Data Retention

Find out what data retention policies the provider has in place. There may be a few instances where you encounter billing issues, or fail to notice that your contract is almost over. Find out what happens to your files before that happens.

4. Data Retrieval

Sure, it takes the provider a short time to back your files up. But how long would it take for you to get them back in case you lose the copies in your own machine?

5. Price

Of course, budget would always have to be a huge consideration here. Are their pricing plans too expensive, or just right? Do they offer convenient payment options?

Choosing the right online backup provider may take some time, but all the time you spend comparing your options is more than worth it once you experience the best possible service that you can get from the one you choose in the end.

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What Makes a Backup Online Solution Safe?

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Disasters happen, often when you’re unaware of it. When your computer is destroyed in a fire, or is stolen, or unexpectedly took a nosedive, it’s important that you have a backup online solution to restore your files. The good thing is tons of online backup providers are more than willing to take you up as a client. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you choose the one that doesn’t just guarantee to secure your files, but actually does so.

Real-Time Transfer Security

There are hundreds of backup online solution providers today. But you can quickly divide this great number in half based on their individual reputation alone. The most prominent online backup providers stake their names and reputation in ensuring the safety of their clients’ data. This protection constitutes two stages: the real-time transfer of files and the off-site storage facilities.

Even before starting the backup process, your files have already been secured with the minimum 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This is the same protection banks utilize when you’re using their machines for transactions.

This is about as close as you can get to 100 percent protection when backing up your files online. The process and encryption technology vary depending on the provider and the package you get.

Off-site Storage Facilities Security

Once you’ve finished storing your important documents online, another protection is added to your files to prevent data hacking. Again, it will depend on the backup online solution you choose, but the additional layer of protection can either be the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or the 448-bit Blowfish Encryption.

To guarantee tighter security, the majority of online backup providers today use geo-redundant data facilities. This means that aside from the initial and added protection given to your files, their servers are also continuously backed up to other data facilities in a different place. This means the backup has its own backup. This is a relief if you’re worried that something may happen to your provider’s off-site storage facility.

Choose the Right Security Provider

For security, most online backup providers follow the same practice. So when cut to the bone, it is just one slice in the pie of considerations you need to process. However, it’s a part that must not be taken lightly.

There are several ways of ensuring that you pick the backup online solution provider who passes your security qualifications. One is to check the provider’s reputation. The top online backup providers in the market today put their reputation on the line. Look for one that has the same quality. Check customer reviews and testimonials for added Intel.

Another way to check the solution’s security measures is by downright asking the provider. It’s perfectly fine to ask questions about their security or verify guidelines you’re confused about. After all, you’re essentially entrusting them with your data.

It’s highly possible to find the right provider who can bring you the backup online solution you need. You just have to be diligent in choosing the provider and you’ll be good to go.

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What Online Backup Plan is the Best for 2015?

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Keeping your documents safe is paramount since disasters happen every day. When your computer is destroyed or stolen, it is critical that you have a Plan B where you can recover all your important files. This is the reason why online storage service is a must-have for every gadget user. Deciding on your storage service need not be a task though. If you’re looking for a quality online backup plan, here are the five of the best services for 2015.

online backup plan


  • Simplicity of Use: Quick and easy
  • From: Main website or service application
  • Cost: Unlimited service for $6 every month

CrashPlan delivers all the benefits you want in an online backup service. This includes excellent value, quick installation and uncomplicated data restoration. Your files are constantly stored, and erased documents are kept indefinitely. The service works as a dual conventional app and a menu-bar service. The app enables you to choose documents, keep track of your backup, recover files and modify settings. The menu-bar service offers a peek at your stored status. The latter can also effortlessly start the entire application straight from the menu.


  • Simplicity of Use: Fast and simple
  • From: Blackblaze main website
  • Cost: Unlimited service for $5 every month

The Backblaze app is one of the most formidable contenders in the market of online backup service. The service is compact and delivers all the benefits you want in a cloud service. It is also the most economical choice on the market for limitless online backup plan storage for a computer which includes backups for hard drives.


  • Simplicity: Fast and easy
  • From: iDrive main website and app
  • Cost: $45 every year for 1 TB

The iDrive service is the last remaining online storage provider that continues to charge based on the volume of saving space used instead of billing a set fee for unrestricted space. The portable app – designed for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone – functions slightly in a different way than the apps of other cloud service providers. Along with enabling users to recover and share stored files, you may save the contents of your smartphone to your iDrive account. Once this is enabled, the app will instantly add new media files, calendar events and phone contacts to your account.

Acronis Cloud Backup

  • Simplicity: Easy
  • From: Acronis website
  • Cost: $100 every year ($8.33 per month) for unlimited storage

The Acronis mobile application is practical and conventional. It provides all the functions needed to store and save documents and files. However, unlike the Backblaze mobile app, there is no size limitation on the file downloads.


  • Simplicity: Easy
  • From: Carbonite main website and app
  • Cost: $60 every year for unlimited space

The Carbonite app is much more similar to an FTP program when compared to its competitors, as it allows you to look through every document on your PC regardless if the file is selected for backup or otherwise. The app features a small icon adjacent to every document that signifies the status of the files (ex. Backed Up or Recoverable).

What online backup plan do you use? Share your cloud service stories below.

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What are the 5 Data Security Worries with Online Backup?

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There are no words to describe just how convenient online backup truly is. Although there was a time when backing up your files meant attaching an external device to your computer, you can do the same thing now with just a few clicks, and without any external hardware needed. Despite the convenience that online backup brings, there still are a few issues that could make you think twice whether this really is an option for you or not.

Here are some of the worries that come with online backup:

online backup

Past experience.

Just count how many mishaps there have been since people started saving their information online. And although the big companies manage to blame the users most of the time, the fact still remains that they allowed the situation to happen. Look at the recent issue that the media has coined “Celebgate”, where hundreds of private celebrity photos were leaked online, all of them obtained because of a breach of iCloud’s security. Of course, added security protocols have been added since then. But did this have to happen before they patch up those holes?

High costs.

Yes, cost will always be an issue when it comes to backup services, but there is also a big chance that you might be spending too much as you backup your data online. We’re not talking about personal data here. We’re talking about huge amounts of data, the kind that big businesses usually have. And knowing that backup services online would always have a sort of cap when it comes to the data they keep, this also means that the bigger the data you store, the bigger your cost also gets. And yes, these plans are usually paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. So as long as you have data to backup, you pay. This is quite ironic, considering that the beauty of online backup plans used to be the fact that this saves you from the cost of using external backup devices, which you only have to invest on once every so often. But looking at it on a long-term scale, it looks like there are chances that physical backup could actually be cheaper sometimes.

Lack of control Online backup

would mean giving the third party provider access to your files. This means that even if they give you the right to add a personal encryption in it, they still have access to it, heightening the risk of your data being compromised. It’s not paranoia. It’s just plain logic.

External threats

Where there are threats from the inside, there are also threats from the outside. Just because you’ve encrypted every file does not mean that it’s secure. Otherwise, hackers would have gone out of business a long time ago.

Loss of connection

If there’s one good thing about doing it the old-fashioned way, it’s the fact that your own server that you use to back up your files is always accessible, whether there’s a global internet blackout or not. Do it online, and you lose access to it the moment the internet goes out.

At the end of the day, no data is 100% secure. The key here is to always have a Plan B to your existing online backup, just to make sure that you have everything covered.

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What Questions Do You Ask Your Online Backup Provider?

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online backup provider

May it be for personal or business use, storing data to an online backup is one of the best innovations there are to date. For businesses, choosing the right online backup provider could be one of the toughest decisions you could make. After all, you would want your backup to be guarded against viruses, hacking, or anything similar.

To make sure all your important business files are protected while stored in your cloud, you have to choose the online backup provider that you think would best suit your wants and needs. Here are five different questions you have to ask your online backup provider before making a decision:

How much will getting an online backup cost?

First and foremost, to calculate how much you’re going to spend on an online backup provider, you have to know how much data you intend to backup. Do you plan to backup just documents, photographs, video files and audio files? Or do you want to backup your entire computer, including some program files and the operating system? Once you determine how much data you will be backing up online, you can easily find a backup plan that will best suit your needs. Some backup plans have services that can be paid monthly or annually, or depending on how much space you need. There are some that provide unlimited storage space, too, for a fixed rate.

How often is the data being stored?

Ideally, your data should be backed up every day. Having an online backup is much easier and less time and energy consuming as saving all your data to a cd or memory card. Archiving your data can be done as often (nightly) or as little (once a year) as you wish, it all depends on the schedule you give your provider.

Can I backup several computers to one storage account?

Some online backup providers have the option of setting up a storage account for just one computer, while some can provide space for a number of computers. Before deciding on what service to avail, you have to make sure that all the computers you intend to backup are compatible to their software, as some services seem to favor only Windows or Macs.

In the event that a disaster (read: all files magically disappear) happens, will the backup provider offer to recover the files?

Some computer disasters are inevitable – accidental wiping out of data included. If by any chance the worst possible thing happens, you have to make sure that your backup provider will help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. Some backup providers have the option of shipping restores, in case a large amount of data was accidentally deleted from the cloud.

Does your online backup provider have 24/7 support?

Most of the time, support comes in email form, with it being the easiest medium to communicate. But not all backup service providers offer customer support round the clock. If you submit queries during the wee hours of the night, expect a response during business hours.

When dealing with a huge amount of important files, it is ideal to get an online backup provider you can trust. Don’t hesitate to ask these questions to find the backup provider that will suit you the most.

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