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What are the Benefits of Online Backup for Nonprofits?

Not-for-profit institutions handle a lot of sensitive data. They manage membership details. They deal with fundraising materials. They store donation lists. They keep financial statements. In short, they have confidential files. Thus, they need reliable and secure online backup for nonprofits.

Advantages of Using Online Backup for Nonprofits


These institutions struggle with their budget. With online storage, they can reduce their expenses. Web-based backup is cheaper than several physical storages. Most providers also offer discounts for non-profit-making organizations.

Safety Net

The moment they lose their data, it’ll cripple the team. Rebuilding files will need time and money. An online storage is a safety net. It ensures the mission-critical files are always safe.

BTS Backup

These organizations have hectic schedules. Manual backups are time-consuming. It also requires at least one person to manage the process. With online backup for nonprofits, behind-the-scene storing is a breeze. Automatic backup happens even in the middle of a busy season.

Data Sharing

Volunteers flock to these groups. An online backup can give access to data without any special software. This saves time and resources during field work.

Tight Security

Backup providers understand the level of security they need. Top-rated vendors secure data thrice. One is through encryption. Another is via password authentication. It can also be through physical security.

Remote Access

Virtual backups are accessible anywhere. Most providers offer multi-device sync. As long as there’s internet connection, members can access files.


Some of these organizations do not have an IT team. But with virtual backup, they don’t need one. Any member can set up the system. No hardware to install. No cables to connect. Simply install the program and the rest will be taken care of.

Backup services help not-for-profit groups do their job without extra hassle. If you’re a member of a charity organization, set up your virtual backup now.